Avlona village

The agricultural village of Avlona is one of the most northern villages of Karpathos, on the western slope of a bare mountain.

At first sight Avlona looks like a deserted settlement from the western movies, but the village is located in a fertile valley. In the spring there is lush vegetation here, only during hot summer months dries out the vegetation and some neglected gardens here. In the area of Avlona there are more than 250 farmhouses, and the locals primarily produces here wheat and barley. In the old times those grains were taken to the windmills of Olymbos where were milled into flour. 

Avlona Karpathos

Avlona is in the north in Karpathos

The people who live here still live mainly on agriculture, because tourism is not significant here at all. Avlona is far from the popular tourist settlements, but the village is an interesting sight with its wild scenery. Its primary importance due to agriculture, and Avlona is mentioned often as a north pantry of Karpathos island.


Avlona, Karpathos agriculture

Avlona can be accessed from the asphalted road between Olymbos and Diafani villages. This village is the place where the asphalted roads are ending in Karpathos, there are only dirt roads and hiking trails to the most northern areas of Karpathos. If you would like to hike to the north, you will find some footpaths to the ancient ruins and caves of Vrikounda (Vrykous), and to the tiny bay of Tristomo. 

Why visit Avlona 

  • Wild landscapes
  • Calm atmospheres, 'at the end of the world' feeling
  • The most northern village which is significant in Karpathos island
  • Hiking trails to the north, Vrikounda and Tristomo


Where to stay in the area of Avlona

Accomodation in Diafani

Accomodation in Olymbos

Apartments, studios and hotels in Karpathos island


Avlona in Karpathos

Avlona additional info

  • location: 48 kilometers to Pigadia
  • coordinates: 35.773663, 27.180491
  • can be accessed via asphalt road
  • agricultural village
  • in the area of Olymbos and Diafani
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