Lefkos is a picturesque fishing village with the best beaches of the area, located on the west coast of Karpathos island.

Lefkos village lies approx. 35 kilometres from Pigadia, but it's definitely worth a visit. Lefkos (or known as Kato Lefkos) is an ideal combination of natural beauty and hospitality in Karpathos, and the beaches of Lefkos are extraordinary beautiful even on this amazing island. The village actually consists of two settlements, Lefkos and Kato Lefkos, the former is located a few kilometers away from the beach. 

Lefkos, fishing village in Karpathos

Because of its charm Lefkos has faced a strong growth and has become popular tourist destination in the region in recent years. A few decades ago the settlement consisted of only a few fishing huts, but when the tourism became more important, the residents tried to take advantage of the place. 

What too see in Lefkos village Karpathos island

Whitewashes apartments, turquoise coloured sea

 In Lefkos there are some tourist services which operate in the summer, and visitors can find hotels, apartments, taverns, coffee bars, supermarkets, and car rental agencies also. The main street of Lefkos is a quite narrow road, but there are some parking lots after driving through the village. During high season hundreds of visitors enjoy the magnificient beaches in the area, but usually easy to find free parking lots. For many it is important that Lefkos is a popular and favored destination in Karpathos, but it is also a quiet village with relaxing atmospheres. There isn't significant nightlife here, only a few bars and taverns are open in the evenings. 


Lefkos, one of the best places in Karpathos

Beauty of Lefkos

Lefkos village best beaches

The main attractions of Lefkos, the emerald bays of the village have very easy access. The beaches are located only a few hundres meters from each other, almost side by side. The main beach of Lefkos is the most organized with parasols, sunbeds and beach bars, but the other two bays are also organized due to the needs of tourists. The west bay is known from its emerald colours and marine life, the north beach of Lefkos has large waves usually. Lefkos beaches are famous from the crystal clear waters and snorkeling possibilities, and because most of them are shallow and sandy, these beaches are ideal for families. The sunsets of Lefkos are also magical, just walk to the western part of the village as the sun goes down.

Lefkos beach

The main beach of the village, Lefkos bay

Lefkos port, boat cruises in Karpathos

The small port of Lefkos with some fishing boats

There are some interesting historical sights in Lefkos. On the outskirts of the village (just follow the brown road signs) visitors can see some Roman cistern and ruins of ancient walls. Near Lefkos village there is a small islet, called Sokastro. On this rather barren place the Greek archeologists were find some ruins from the Byzantine and medieval periods also. 

Apartments and villas info in Lefkos

Lefkos is one of the most beautiful villages in Karpathos, a small hidden gem of the island 

Taverns and bars in Lefkos

You will certainly love Lefkos, because your only job is to explore the interesting area, visit the Roman archaeological sites, enjoy the amazing turquoise coloured beaches. You can visit the neighboring village, Mesochori with its whitewashed houses also, or just take a walk to Potali beach, which is only a few hundred meters away from Lefkos. 

Travel to Lefkos

Picturesque bays and beaches

Best beaches of Lefkos village

Lefkou / Lefkos

Lefkos is situated next to the highest mountains of Karpathos

Lefkos / Kato Lefkou, Karpathos island

Profitis Ilias, the highest peak in Karpathos island

Why visit Lefkos

  • Amazing beaches in the area, 4 interesting bays
  • Calm atmospheres far away from crowds
  • Beautiful natural enviroment 

Where to stay in Lefkos / recommended accommodations

Apartments, studios

Blue and White Studios (up to 2 - 4 guests, sea view)

Aegean Sea (studios / studio apartments)

Venetia's Garden (up to 3 - 5 guests, sea view)

Nikos studios (studio)

Miraluna Aparthotel up to (2 - 6 guests)

Zorbas Studios (up to 2 - 4 guests, sea view)

Akrogiali Apartments (up to 3 guests)

Dream Holiday Homes (up to 4)

Blue Horizon Studios (rooms for 2)

Aegean View Studios (2 guests)

Hotel Krinos (rooms for 2)



En Lefko

Alisachni Villas (superior / standard villas)


List of the accomodations in Lefkos


Karpathos Lefkos

Lefkos additional info

  • location: 35 kilometers to Pigadia
  • coordinates: 35.586092, 27.071102
  • can be accessed via asphalt road
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