Menetes village, Karpathos

Menetes village is characterized by traditional architectures, flowered balconies, narrow streets, definitely an amazing mountain village!

The village is located 8 kilometers southwest from Pigadia, which means its access is very easy, just a few minutes driving on the curvy roads from the capitol of Karpathos. The houses of Menetes were built amphiteatrically on the rocky cliffs at an altitude of 280 meters, most of the buildings are facing to the north. Due to it special location Menetes village offers to its visitors spectacular views to almost every direction. You can see clearly Pigadia, the nearby mountains, and the valley from above!

Menetes village in Karpathos

The main road bisects the village, and next to the road, in the center of Menetes there can be find some free parking lots. Most of the other streets are primarily narrow alleys for pedestrian traffic. When you discover Menetes, you will see how interesting and nice village is hidden in the mountains. Next to the streets there are many mediterranean trees, blooming bougainvilleas and leanders, well maintained houses, and of course the imposing cliffs behind Menetes. In the area of village there were built many interesting churches and chapels, like as the Church of the Assumption (Kimissis tis Theotokou), the Byzantine Church of Agios Mamas, the Church of St. Spiridon, and Profitis Ilias on the hill above. The residents of Menetes organize religious festivals in August to celebrate Virgin Mary, when families come together and join to the feast from all parts of Karpathos island. 

What to see in Menetes Karpathos

Colorful houses of Menetes on the slopes of the hills

A small folklore Museum operates in Menetes also, with an interesting collection from the past of Karpathos. Visitors can see traditional musical instruments which were made by wood, utensils, laces, photographs, carpets and other curiosities from the past. The museum of Menetes is located next by the free parking site in the centre of the village. 

Menetes main street and houses

Small streets of Menetes 

Menetes village, next to Pigadia

Between Menetes village and Pigadia there is an important monument of the area, which commemorates the heroes of World War II. 'The Memorial of Menetes' - as many call it -  symbolizes the Revolution of Karpathos during the World War II against the invaders, and also this is a memorial for the war heroes. Next to the monument there a small parking lot, and a few steps up to the bronze statue.

This is one of the most interesting parts of island, due to exceptional hairpin bends and the panoramic views to the cliffs of Menetes village. 

At the War Memorial of Menetes, Karpathos 

Menetes war memorial in Karpathos island

 Karpathos bends Panoramic views in Karpathos, Menetes

Is you are interested in the best panoramic views of Karpathos island, don't hesitate, just visit Menetes village, where charming alleys and amazing views to the eastern side of Karpathos are awaiting. 

Church in Karpathos

Panoramic views in Menetes

The best views of Karpathos in Menetes

Menetes Karpathos


On the main street of Menetes  

Why visit Menetes 

  • Amazing views to the area
  • Charming mountain settlement
  • One of the most important memorials of Karpathos 

Where to stay in Menetes village

Karpathos Guest House (rooms for 2)

Karpathos House (up to 3)

Lai Cottage (2 guests)

La Villa di Zazopetra (up to 5)


View to Menetes village

Menetes additional info

  • location: 8 kilometers to Pigadia
  • coordinates: 35.491009, 27.168916
  • can be accessed via asphalt road
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