Mesochori village

Mesochori village is located on the western slopes of the high mountains in Karpathos.

Mesochori (also known as Mesohori) is a traditional village with whitewashed houses, many narrow alleys, surrounded by lush vegetation. There are also a lot of gardens filled with vivid flowers, agricultural plants, evergreen mediterranean trees even during the hot and dry summer months. Mesochori is a surprisingly quiet place, the atmospheres are much more relaxing than some popular villages of the island. The nightlife is not significant here at all, but some family taverns and mini markets are waiting for visitors.

On the north side of the village you can find the most famous church of Mesochori, called Panagia Vrysiani. Next to the church is a natural spring, with a legend! As the local residents say, if an unmarried woman drinks from the spring, she will get married soon! Panagia Vrysiani is one of the most religious places in Karpathos, and there is a feast in every September. 

The other interesting place in Mesochori is called Platia Skopi, which is a small square with tiny chapels. The panoramic views from the square are magnificient to the sea and to the huge mountains of the north, especially before sunset! 

Mesochori Karpathos (Mesohori)

Whitewashes houses of Mesochori with deep blue sea

It's very important that most part of Mesochori village is free from the vehicles, the parking lots can be find outside the village. There are some paved footpaths into the center, and you can walk around Mesochori easily. Enjoy the amazing views, discover the nearby hiking trails, and relax!

Only a few kilometers from Mesochori there is a picturesque seaside resort, Lefkos (Kato Lefkos). The area of this tiny but beautiful village is filled with emerald beaches, and of course there csan be find cofee bars, taverns and mini markets also. Due to Mesochori doesn't have its own beach, a visit in Lefkos is strongly recommended for beach enthusiasts. 

Why visit Mesochori 

  • Nice sunsets
  • Peaceful mountain settlement with whitewashed houses 



Mesochori additional info

  • location: 29 kilometers to Pigadia
  • coordinates: 35.630989, 27.108988
  • can be accessed via asphalt road
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