Pigadia, Capital of Karpathos island

The beautiful capital of Karpathos, Pigadia is an amazing town with charming port, interesting promenade and several great taverns, bars and souvenir shops.

Pigadia (or known as Karpathos town also) is the largest town in Karpathos, and also the capital of the island. The town is located on the south eastern side of Karpathos, next to a huge natural bay. Pigadia lies only approx. 14 kilometers to the island's airport, and its port connects Karpathos with other Greek islands such as Rhodes, Kasos and Crete. 

The town has a long history, because Pigadia was built on the ruins of Potideon, one of the most important ancient cities in Karpathos island a thousands of years ago. Pigadia got its interesting name from the springs that can be found in the region: Pigadia means 'springs' in Greek language. The population of the settlement is approx. 2500, which multiplies in the summer months due to the tourists.

Pigadia and its area is the beating heart of Karpathos, which offers the widest range of apartments, hotels, taverns, shops, car rental agencies and so much more services and tourist based facilites in the island. This is why most of the tourists travel here during summer, and in addition Pigadia is one of the best places to explore the island also. The great location of the capital makes it ideal to discover the southern regions and the northern area relatively quick and easy.

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The beautiful Pigadia, capital of Karpathos

Pigadia, capital of Karpathos island

The main road of Karpathos passes through Pigadia

Pigadia is the center of the main services in Karpathos, there can be found the main hospital, the post office, some banks, police station, bus terminal, and taxi station are located here. The largest supermarkets, bakeries and shops operate in the capital also, with several souvenir- and clothing stores, and shops for the everyday needs of the residents and the tourists. Pigadia has the most important port in Karpathos, which was designed for large ferries, for medium-sized excursion boats and yachts, and of course for small fishing boats. 


The city center was built on a slope of a hill, and it is filled with charming streets and narrow alleys with feeling of walking in an old town. The downtown is a really friendly and attractive place with colorful balconies, fountains, blooming bougainvilleas, geraniums and other flowers, with great views to the port. There are some free parking lots for vehicles, because most of the streets are quite narrow and these are mostly filled with the locals cars. 

Shopping street in Pigadia, Karpathos island

Pigadia's most characteristic buildings include the yellow-painted Town Hall with the Archeological Museum of Karpathos, and the open-air theater. The Town Hall was built by the Italians, next to the building there is a small square, named after the prime minister Alexandro Papagos. At the tiny exhibition of Pigadia's Archeological Museum can be viewed the most important artifacts from the ancient times, an interesting variety of archaeological findings from Karpathos. The open-air theater 'Poseidonion' hosts several musical events and dance performances on summer evenings, to the great delight of the audience. 

Pigadia taverns

The port and the promenade in Pigadia

The primary port of Pigadia is located in the heart of the town, next to the typical rocky hill. The ferries from other Greek islands arrive here, and the excursion boats depart to the most famous beaches of Karpathos (Apella beach, Achata beach, Kyra Panagia) and Saria island from this place also. Most of the excursion boats depart in the morning hours, and only returns in the late afternoon. The exact schedules of boat trips can be viewed at nights in front of the ships, or in the several tourist offices in Pigadia.

Ferries to Karpathos arrive several times a week from other Greek islands like Rhodes, Crete, Kos, etc. Click here to check the information about ferries to Karpathos island.

The inner side of the port is well protected with some breakwaters from the waves, this is recommended especially for the small fishing boats. There is another port in Pigadia which is located next to the Town Hall (in front of the Archeological Museum), but this is much smaller facility than the main port, and operates as a ship repair. Near this small port visitors can find the Kostas Iliakis Memorial, a monument which is dedicated to a tragically deceased aircraft captain. If you are interested in diving on Karpathos, there is a diving center next to the small port. 

Promenade and port in Pigadia, where boat cruises depart

Pigadia port with fishing boats

Pigadia port, with large excursion boats and tiny fishing boats

Pigadia promenade at the port

The promenades of Pigadia are situated between the Town Hall and the port. This part of the town is filled with taverns, coffee bars, souvenir shops and so much more, especially in the evenings. These streets are mostly narrow alleys for pedestrian traffic, and in addition the port road is closed to vehicle traffic in the evenings. During summer evening, especially in the high season in July and August this promanedes are the busiest parts of Karpathos island, with hundreds of visitors every day. The views of the port with the emerald waters and with the colorful houses of Pigadia are so charming, that this settlement is one of the most beloved capitol among the Dodecanese Island's towns.

The nightlife of Pigadia is not as significant as on other Greek islands, but in Karpathos this town is the most bustling settlement. If you want some hustle and bustle on your holiday in Karpathos, the capital and its surroundings are highly recommended. 

Pigadia streets

Panoramic views and charming streets

Holiday in Pigadia, Karpathos island

The largest hotels and apartments of Karpathos was built on the outskirts of Pigadia, especially in the northern area of the town. Some of these building complexes are situated next to the main road, but a few was built directly next to the beach. By following the road to north visitors can see the ancient ruins of Ag. Fotini which dates from the late 5th century. The marble columns, rock carvings and foundation of buildings are protected with a fence.

Other interesting sight in Pigadia is the small cave of Poseidon, it can be found only a few hundred meters from the town.

Outskirts and suburban area of Pigadia (Karpathos town)

Pigadia beach

The organized beaches of the town are located on the outskirts, but the walk to these beaches takes only a few minutes from the town center. These beaches are called Afoti (Xenonas) and Vrontis, which depends on the distance from Pigadia. There are some beach bars and taverns with parasols and sunbeds for rent, and the beach fronts of the large hotels are situated here also. These beaches can sometimes be windy and wavy, but the coast is shallow and mostly sandy with some pebbles.

Pigadia beach, Karpathos island

The beaches of Pigadia

This bay is one of the largest natural bays in Karpathos island with a length of 4 kilometers, so when the closer parts of with the hotels and apartments can be crowded, a little further away there are large open spaces to enjoy the beach.

If you travel to Karpathos island, a visit in Pigadia is strongly recommended, no matter where you stay on the island. Feel the charm of the capital, enjoy the traditional Greek tavernas and coffee bars with specialities of the island, admire the panoramic views to the port, or just take a walk in the heart of Karpathos! 

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Why visit Pigadia

  • Most of the restaurants, bars, shops and several tourist services in Karpathos island
  • Amazing views to the port
  • Bustling resort with charming streets
  • Interesting boat trips to the best beaches of Karpathos
  • Significant nightlife

Where to stay in Pigadia 

Recommended apartments and studios, top picks in Karpathos town


Porfyris Studios and Apartments (up to 2 - 4 guests)

Dimitra Apartments (up to 2 - 4 guests)

Casa Jokaste (up to 4 guests)

Aeolia Suites (up to 2 - 4 guests)

Optasia Apartment (up to 2 guests)

Magic View Apartment (up to 6)

Renata's villas (up to 2 - 6 guests)

Pigadia Central (up to 3 guests)

Gorgona Traditional 1 apartments (up to 4 guests)

Gorgona Traditional 2 apartments (for 2)

White House Hotel Apartments (up to 2 - 4 guests)

Anthis View (up to 2 guests)

Kelly's studios Sisamos (2 guests)

Sotirios Apartment (2-4 guests)

Iris Studios (for 2)

Aphrodite Luxury Studios and Apartments (up to 2 - 4 guests)

Petra House Karpathos (villa, up to 5)

Recommended hotels in Pigadia

Alimounda Mare Hotel (up to 2  - 4 guests)

Konstantinos Palace (up to 2 - 4 guests)

Hotel Astron Princess (up 2 guests)

Sound of the Sea Hotel (up to 2 - 5 guests)

Atlantis Hotel (2-4 guests)

Amaryllis Hotel (up to 2 guests)

Sunrise Hotel (2-3 guests)

Xenious Zeus Hotel (rooms for 2-3)


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Holiday in Pigadia, Karpathos island  

Pigadia additional info

  • location: 13 kilometers to Karpathos airport
  • coordinates: 35.506817, 27.212014
  • can be accessed via asphalt road


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