Volada, Karpathos island

Volada village is known from its stunning views of the sea and the bay of Pigadia.

On the green slopes in the mountains there are many beautiful traditional villages in Karpathos, Volada is one of these settlements. Volada looks like a typical Greek mountain village with many narrow streets, some taverns and amazing viewpoints. The village has easy access, because it is located only 10 kilometers from Pigadia, next to the neighboring Aperi village. The road which leads to the western side of Karpathos passes through Volada, but parking may be difficult due to the narrow and winding route.


Near Volada you can reach the highest point of Karpathos, Kali Limni (1215 m), and a small separated settlement called Lastos.

In the area there are some ruins of ancient castles, built in different periods. The archeologists said that the oldest castle was built in the Bronze Age, and the latest was built by the turks. Volada also has some hiking trails which connect the nearby villages, Aperi, Othos and Pyles

Volada, Karpathos villages

If you visit Volada, you can enjoy spectacular views, and you can take a walk among the traditional houses also.

Volada, Karpathos

Why visit Volada

  • Amazing views to Aperi and Pigadia
  • Hiking trails in the area 


Where to stay in Volada

Volada View Apartment (up to 4)

House Apollon (up to 10)

Villa Anastasia (up to 6)

Casa Metropolis (up to 6)



Best Views in Karpathos, Volada village

Great panoramic views to Aperi and the bay of Pigadia

Volada additional info

  • 10 km to Pigadia
  • coordinates: 35.552846, 27.161970
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