What is the weather like on Karpathos island in Greece? When should you travel to Karpathos? What are the best periods for hiking, swimming, or visit the island? What are sea temperatures in May, June, July, August, September or October? Just read this article and know every information about Karpathos weather!

Weather and climate of Karpathos island in Greece

The climate of Karpathos (Κάρπαθος) is true mediterranean, which is typical for southern islands in Greece, and very similar to the weather of Rhodes or Crete. The weather of Karpathos island is characterized by hot and dry summers and mild winters, the hottest months are July and August. This is common in the area of the southern Aegean Sea, where the sun shines strong and the precipitaton is low, so rainy days are almost unknown from June to August in Karpathos.

Karpathos island weather in Greece

In the area of the Aegean Sea during summer months there is special wind, called Etesian, or known also as Meltemi. This kind of wind blows from May till September, comes from the north and reach several islands in Greece such as Rhodes, Crete and also Karpathos. Etesian (Meltemi) wind is usually strong and dry, and hits Karpathos island also. Therefore there can be several days when the weather of the southern Greek islands are quite windy.

Looking for the best weather in Karpathos?

If we would like to travel to Karpathos to enjoy the best beaches the recommended periods are from the middle of June to mid September. The weather from late May till September is hot and dry in most cases, in this period the chance of the rainfall is absolutely minimal. The sea temperatures around Karpathos island become suitable for swimming, diving and snorkeling. The best sea temperatures in Karpathos during summer months are in July and August, when temperatures can be as high as 25-26 °C (degrees Celsius), but till the end of September it is usually suitable for swimming.

To discover Karpathos island sights and attractions the recommended periods are in low season. In Spring, especially in April and in May, until mid June before the real hot days of the summer arrive, or from mid September to the end of October.

Karpathos Greece weather in May, June, July and August

For hiking the best periods are March, April, May and September, October, when the sun shines not so strong, and the entire area of Karpathos island is much greener. If we want to discover the hiking trails in the hot summer months, it’s worth to prefer the morning hours.

Karpathos wind information and forecast 2023

The influance of the winds are significantly of Karpathos island’s weather. This wind often blows through the south Aegean islands in Greece, in some places (especially in the mountains or in the southern flatlands) quite strongly. Karpathos is described as the ‘island of winds’ in Greece by some visitors, but it’s an important information, that usually Crete or Rhodes are no less windy islands, and the Etesian (Meltemi) wind hits all of the southern islands of the Aegean Sea. It’s good to know that even if the wind blows strong in many places, there can be find windless places in Karpathos island.

Karpathos wind

In the southernmost point the winds make ideal conditions for surf, where windsurf and kitesurf are very popular extreme sports. The area of Afiartis, near to the aiport is called as home of windsurf in Karpathos, where championships are also taken.

Some people ask which is the most windy period in Karpathos? It’s always difficult to define, because it always depends from the actual weather, but the strongest winds in Karpathos are usually in July. It’s a very interesting thing that Karpathos island is known as a windy place, but there are several days, when the wind don’t blow at all (even in July), and the days are totally windless.

About the wind in Karpathos island, Greece

Where to stay in Karpathos?

Now let’s see the weather of Karpathos by months!


The first month of the year in Karpathos is usually cold and rainy. There are only a few days, when the weather is clean and there are no clouds. The temperatures are quite low, the average fluctuates between 8-13 Celsius. In January sea temperatures are quite low in the waters of Karpathos, just 15-16 Celsius, so swimming is not a good option. In the winter month there are often large waves, which slightly transforms the beaches.


This month is a little bit sunnier and warmer than January, with an averages of 12-15 Celsiuses. The sea temperatures around the island in February just as cold as in January, which means only 15 – 16 Celsius. In sunny days of February there is a good chance for hiking and discover the untouched nature. In these month rainy days in Karpathos are usually common, especially in mountanious areas.

Karpathos weather in january, february


The temperature is cold most of the times, but the number of the sunny days are slowly increasing. The sea temperatures in Karpathos getting slightly warmer up to 17 Celsius, but for swimming March is too cold and not suitable for most people. There are some rainy days, but less then previous period, with an average 7 days with rain in the days of March. March is a time of Spring in Karpathos island, which takes until mid May.


Higher temperatures and lower rainfall are the main features of Karpathos island in April. The sea temperatures in April are slightly better, up to 18 Celsius, but the swim is recommended only for the really brave. The weather of April is a typical Spring period, great time to discovering the hiking trails of Karpathos. The hills of the island are green, many flowers start to bloom, and there is not much heat yet.


The first days of the summer are coming! The real sunny and hot days usually arrive to Karpathos in May. In the evenings and some days maybe we need to wear a light jacket, but don’t forget to bring the shorts and T-shirts! Sea temperatures in the waters of Karpathos island are getting higher and higher in May, at the end of the month rise over 20 Celsius. The sea temperatures are not suitable for everyone yet, but some residents and some brave tourists now enjoy the freshness of Aegean Sea. The weather of May offer great conditions for hiking, exploring the traditional villages, interesting historical sights and natural attractions of Karpathos. The famous wind, Etesian (Meltemi) is also getting stronger in the southern areas, primarily in the mountains.

Karpathos weather in May


The high season in Karpathos starts with hot days and pleasant sea temperatures. The weather of June in Karpathos island is beloved by many, because the temperatures are high (up to 30-32 Celsius), and sea temperatures become also pleasant, up to 23-24 Celsius. Hiking is also a great activity in the less hot days, but in the afternoons it is better to be on the best beaches of Karpathos. The June in Karpathos is usually perfect to enjoy the beaches and the calm atmospheres of the island, because there are not much tourists yet. The rainy days of the Spring are over, there are only a few days with some clouds or the chance of rain.

Karpathos weather in June


The hottest days of the year are here! In July the hot Greek summer reigns over Karpathos, the weather offers really beach time. These period is primarily for the summer holidays, the best times to spend the days at the beaches of Karpathos. The most important accessories for July are drinking water, sun block, and a hat. The sun is shining strongly, so if you can, stay in the shade! The temperatures in the afternoons can be as high 35 Celsius.

Karpathos weather in July

Sea temperatures in July around Karpathos island are quite pleasant, up to 26 Celsius. The winds are significant, on most of the days Meltemi is present not just in the mountains, but even at some beaches. The stronger winds are great for windsurf and kitesurf in the southern side of Karpathos. At night temperatures are also high, above 22-24 Celsius.


Most of the tourists arrive in August to Karpathos island, this month is the highest peak of the summer season. The weather in August is dry and hot, when the sun shines very strong. The temperatures are highest of the year, up to 36-38 Celsius! Hiking is recommended only in the mornings or late afternoon, and don’t forget the drinking water! Karpathos island is not an overcrowded island as other Greek islands with mass tourism, but in August the beaches are usually full during the day, as well the taverns, restaurants and bars in the evenings.

Weather of August in Karpathos island

Use your sunblock, enjoy the great beaches, and forget the busy days at home. The wind can be strong at some places, especially in the south or in the mountains. Sea temperatures in August in Karpathos are 25-26,5 Celsius, the shallow and waveless bays can be more warm.

The most crowded beaches in August are usually Apella beach, Pigadia beach and Kyra Panagia beach.


The weather is similar in September as the warm summer months, just slightly getting cooler in the nights. The weather of September in Karpathos offer pleasant daytime temperatures (up to 30-32 Celsius) and suitable sea temperatures for everyone. From the first days of September until the middle of the month the weather is ideal for swim and snorkel, because sea temperatures are 25 Celsius at the most beaches. The chance for clouds and some rain showers are growing, but the September is usually also a great season for holidays. From the middle of the month the temperatures begin to fall slowly, which is much suitable for hiking. The wind in September slowly getting weaker, except a few days.

Karpathos weather in September


There are many sunny days yet, but rainy days become frequent, especially in the heights of mountains. October is nice for outdoor activities in Karpathos, when the temperatures are not so hot. The sea temperatures fall under 23 Celsius, but in the first days of the month there are several days which are good enough for a swim. There aren’t many tourists in the island, the holiday season is slowly coming to an end.


The real autumn arrives to Karpathos in October and will be typical in November, but several days are sunny and warm yet. The rains and the cloudy days are getting more frequently all over the island. The day and night temperatures decrease, just like the sea temperatures. For swimming this period is no longer suitable for most people.

Karpathos weather in autumn, October and November


The weather of December arrives with varied weather conditions to Karpathos island. There are several cold and rainy days, but sometimes there are also sunny and warmer days. Don’t forget your warm clothes, jackets and hats. The average temperatures in December are 15- 17 Celsius.

It’s interesting, but there can be significant differences between the coastline of Karpathos and the mountainous areas, especially in winter months. Snowfalls are extremely rare in the coastal zone of Karpathos, but mountains sometimes dress in white for some days or weeks in the winter.

Karpathos weather forecast, actual weather and wind conditions

If you travel to Karpathos, you will find several weather forecast websites and datas, which show actual weather and wind conditions of the island. It’s good to know, that many forecasts are not so actual or accurate, due to many types of measurement.

For the best vacation in Karpathos

Karpathos Greece weather and wind forecast
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