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Karpathos (Κάρπαθος in Greek language) is located in Greece, in the Aegean Sea. The island is one of the most beautiful Greek islands due to its high mountains, steep cliffs and turquoise coloured beaches. The area of Karpathos island is quite small, but it is still the second largest among Dodecanese islands, and has the highest peak called Kali Limni. 

Karpathos is far famous from its interesting traditions, untouched landscapes, and amazing beaches. The island is located about 50 kilometres southwest from Rhodes and 50 kilometres northeast from Crete.

Where is Karpathos island in Greece (Karpathos location)

The landscape of the island is primarily mountanious, except in the south region, which is relatively flat. The highest point of Karpathos island is called Kali Limni peak (Mt. Lastos), at 1215 metres above sea level. 

The capital of Karpathos is Pigadia (or known as Karpathos town), which is the main port and the largest city of the island. Pigadia is located in the southeast part of Karpathos, next a large bay. The capital is a modern Greek town with several taverns, coffee bars, shops, supermarkets and many services. This area is the most developed in the island with several apartments and hotels, most of the island's accomodations can be find here.

Karpathos island information

The other settlements of Karpathos are traditional Greek villages with picturesque streets, mountanious landscapes, and charming ports. The population of Karpathos island is about 6500, but this number is multiplied in the summer months, as the tourists arrive. The inhabitants are mostly engaged in agriculture and tourism.

Karpathos island has an international airport since 1970, it is called Karpathos Island National Airport (AOK). The airport of the island is located on the most southern side of the island, where the most flatten areas are. The island is connected to other Greek islands and to the mainland with ferries also (primarily Crete and Rhodes islands).

Domestic flights connect Karpathos with the nearby Kasos, Crete, Rhodes and Athens, and charter flights from several European countries are scheduled during summer months.

The inhabitants of Karpathos are proud of their ancient traditions, costumes and lifestyle. Many locals kept the local dialect and the traditional costumes due to the isolation of Karpathos from the other Greek islands. The most famous village from its traditions is called Olymbos, which is mentioned as a 'living folklore museum'.

Karpathos island Greece

Karpathos island offers for its visitors many natural attractions, such more than 30 official hiking trails, several amazing panoramic views, and of course great beaches. The beaches of Karpathos are characterized by turquoise and emerald colours, and listed among the best beaches of Greece!


Karpathos island, Greece


Don't hesitate, discover Karpathos, this amazing gem of the Aegean Sea! 

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Karpathos island

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