Karpathos weather and climate

The weather of Karpathos is true mediterranean, characterized by hot summers and mild winters. The climate of the island is similar to other Greek islands in the area of the Aegean Sea. Karpathos is perfect for a summer holiday, because from late May till September the days are hot and dry, in this period the chance of the rainfall is absolutely minimal. 

Karpathos weather

During summer months the sea temperatures in Karpathos are also pleasant, in July and August sea temperatures can be as high as 25-26 °C (degrees Celsius). The influance of the winds are significantly of Karpathos island's weather. The wind of Karpathos island is called Meltemi (Etesian), which is a dry and usually strong wind in the area of the Aegean Sea. This wind often blows on the island, in some places (especially in the mountains) quite strongly. Even if the wind blows hard in many places, there can be find several windless places in Karpathos island. 


Let's see the weather of Karpathos by months!


The first month of the year in Karpathos is cold and rainy. There are only a few days, when the weather is clean and there are no clouds. The temperatures are quite low, the average fluctuates between 8-13 Celsius. Sea temperatures are low, only 15-16 Celsius.


This month is a little bit sunnier and warmer than January, with averages of 12-15 Celsius. The sea temperatures around the island are so cold as in January, only 15- 16 Celsius. 


The temperature is cold most of the times, but the number of the sunny days are increasing. The sea is getting slightly warmer up to 17 Celsius, but for swimming this is too cold. There aren’t too many rainy days anymore, which means only 5-6 days in March.


The real spring arrives to Karpathos with higher temperatures and lower rainfall in April. The sea temperatures in April are slightly better, up to 18 Celsius, but the swim is recommended only for the brave. April is a great perion for hiking in Karpathos, because the island is green, flowers start to bloom, and there is not much heat yet.


The first days of the summer are coming! The sunny and hot days arrive finally to Karpathos in May. Sometimes you will need a light jacket, but don't forget to bring the shorts with you! The sea temperatures in May are going higher and higher, at the end of the month rise over 20 Celsius. This temperatures are not suitable for everyone, but some locals enjoy the Aegean Sea. May offer great conditions for hiking, exploring traditional villages, interesting historical sights and natural attractions of Karpathos. The Meltemi is also getting stronger, primarily in the mountains.


The high season in Karpathos starts with hot days and pleasant sea temperatures. The weather of June in Karpathos is beloved by many, because the temperatures are high (up to 30 Celsius), and the sea temperatures become also pleasant, up to 23-24 Celsius. Hiking is also a great activity in the less hot days, but in the afternoons it is better to be on the best beaches of Karpathos. The June is usually perfect to enjoy the beaches and the calm atmospheres of the island, because there are not much tourists yet. The rainy days are over, there are only a few days with clouds or chance of rain.


The hottest days of the year are here! In July the hot Greek summer reigns over Karpathos, it is a real beach time. These period is primarily for the holidays, the best times to spend the days at the beaches of Karpathos. The most important accessories in July are water, sun block, hat. The sun is shining strongly, so if you can stay in the shade! The temperatures in the afternoons can be as high 35 Celcius. The sea temperatures in July are quite pleasant, up to 26 Celsius. The winds are significant, on most of the days Meltemi is present not just in the mountains, but even at some beaches. The stronger winds are great for windsurf and kitesurf in the southern side of Karpathos. At night temperatures are also high, above 22-24 Celsius.


Most of the tourists arrive in August to Karpathos island, this month is the peak of the summer season. The sun is very strong, the temperatures are the highest in the year, up to 36-38 Celsius! Hiking is recommended only in the mornings or late afternoon, and don't forget the water! Karpathos island is not an overcrowded island as other Greek islands with mass tourism, but in August the beaches are usually full during the day, as well the taverns, restaurants and bars in the evenings. Use your sunblock, enjoy the great beaches, and forget the busy days at home. The wind can be strong at some places, especially in the south or in the mountains. Sea temperatures in August are 26-26,5 Celsius.


The weather is similar as the warm summer months, just slightly cooler. The weather of September in Karpathos offer pleasant daytime temperatures (up to 30-32 Celsius) and suitable sea temperatures for everyone. From the first days of September until the middle of the month the weather is ideal for swim, sea temperatures are 25 Celsius yet. The chance for clouds and some rain showers are growing, but the September is usually also a great season for holidays. From the middle of the month the temperatures begin to fall slowly, suitable for hiking again. The wind in September slowly getting weaker.


There are many sunny days yet, but rainy days are also coming, especially in the mountains. October is nice for outdoor activities in Karpathos. The sea temperatures fall under 23 Celsius, but in the first days of the month there are several days which are good enough for a swim. There aren't many tourists in the island, the holiday season is slowly coming to an end.


The autumn arrives to Karpathos in November, but several days are sunny and warm yet. The rains and the cloudy days are getting more frequently. The day and night temperatures decrease, just like the sea temperatures.


Varied weather conditions. There are several cold and rainy days, but sometimes there are and sunny and warm days. Don't forget your warm clothes! The average temperatures in December are 15- 17 Celsius.



Karpathos weather forecast 

Karpathos in winter

There are significant differences between the coastline of Karpathos and the mountainous areas, especially in winter months. Snowfalls are extremely rare in the coastal zone of Karpathos, but in the mountains snows sometimes in the winter.

Wind forecast system of Greece, where you can check the actual wind conditions of Karpathos: Poseidon


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