Why visit Karpathos

Why is this tiny Greek island one of the best choices for a holiday in Greece? Karpathos is not as crowded than other resorts in the Mediterranean, and this make this island so special among several Greek islands. The calm atmospheres combined with the exceptional beauty of nature can be find here yet. If you spend your holiday in Karpathos, you can see so many beautiful natural attractions, amazing beaches, or just enjoy the unique atmospheres of the interesting villages of the island.

Why visit Karpathos in Greece

In Karpathos you can swim, snorkel or dive in the crystal clear Aegean Sea, which is characterized by turquoise and emerald colours at the coastline of the island. There are so many varied beaches for all member of the families, which are suitable for children also. You can find among the beaches of Karpathos fine golden sands with shallow seabed, and also pebbles and rocks at the best snorkeling sites. Also great news for beach enthusiasts, the best beaches of the island (Apella, Kyra Panagia, Achata, etc) are listed as top beaches in Greece.


In the mountains there are several hiking trails, which lead to panoramic views or secluded beaches. The mountains of Karpathos are wild and have steep cliffs, which are breathtaking for the visitors. All of the beautiful mountain villages and seaside resorts of Karpathos island have calm atmospheres for relaxing holidays, you can't find here noisy and loud places. In the ports of the island there can be find several boat excursions, and you can spend a beautiful day on the sea, while you discover the best beaches and interesting islets of the area. The island has ancient traditions, and hosts some of the most traditional villages in Greece. Visitors can taste the delicious meals and food specialties of the island, which are a favourites of many.

Holiday in Karpathos, Greece

Karpathos is a quite small Greek island, so it can be discovered by car or by motorbike easily, these can be rented in some of the island.

It is easy to have unforgettable experiences in Karpathos, so don't hesitate - Visit Karpathos!

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