Kimissis Tis Theotokou Menetes, Karpathos churches and sights

Kimissis Tis Theotokou

The most famous church of Menetes, Kimissis tis Theotokou (Παναγία Κοιμησεως Θεοτόκου) was built on a steep cliff, in the eastern side of the village.

Kimissis Tis Theotokou church in Menetes Karpathos

Guide to Kimissis tis Theotokou church

When you visit Menetes from the direction of Pigadia (Karpathos town), you will see some houses, which were built above the steep cliffs. One of the most noticeable buildings is the largest church of Menetes, which is known as Kimissis Tis Theotokou (Church of Dormition of Virgin Mary, or Παναγία Κοιμησεως Θεοτόκου in Greek).

Kimissis Tis Theotokou church in Menetes, Karpathos

From the main road of Menetes village there is a narrow alley which leads to the church, but it can’t be missed, because its high bell tower can be seen from the road. Just walk through the alley, get up a few stairs, and you will find yourself in the garden of Kimissis Tis Theotokou.

Kimissis Tis Theotokou Menetes Karpathos

The church was built in 1845, and as the locals said, it’s foundations are much older, due for an interesting fact. According the old storytellers, many stones of ancient Arkesia were also used by building the church.

Kimissis Tis Theotokou church

There are several famous hurches in the area of Menetes village, but Kimissis Tis Theotokou is the largest and the most important building nearby. It hosts a holy Virgin Mary icon that performs some miracles in the last decades.

Kimissis Tis Theotokou church in Karpathos island, Menetes

Kimissis Tis Theotokou church has a large garden also, where you can find beautiful views to Menetes village and the area of Pigadia both. If someone looking for the best lookout points in Karpathos island, this is definitely a great one.

View to Menetes village in Karpathos island, Kimissis Tis Theotokou church
Menetes Kimissis Tis Theotokou church

Kimissis Tis Theotoku (Menetes church) additional info

  • Location: 7 kilometers to Pigadia
  • Coordinates: 35.491611, 27.168596
  • Menetes 857 00, Greece
Best lookout point from Menetes, Kimissis Tis Theotokou church
View from the garden of the church
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