Kyra Panagia is a small seaside resort in Karpathos island, which was build in a unique location. Visitors of Kyra Panagia (Κυρά Παναγία in Greek) often say that this tiny village is one of the most beautiful places in Karpathos, a real hidden gem of Greece.

Kyra Panagia in Karpathos island Greece

Where to find Kyra Panagia in Karpathos?

Kyra Panagia village is located about 15 kilometers north of Pigadia (Karpathos town), on the eastern side of the island. The houses were built by the sea exit of a deep valley, which is characterized by steep cliffs and high walls. If you would like to visit Kyra Panagia by car or motorcycle, just follow the road signs of the main road, after you have leaved Aperi village about 1 kilometer.

Kyra Panagia (Κυρά Παναγία) Karpathos Greece

You should know that the asphalted road that leads to Kyra Panagia (Κυρά Παναγία) is extremely winding and filled with hairpin bends, but this road section is usually not as narrow as elsewhere in Karpathos. But after you reach the end of the road, you will understand, why is Kyra Panagia so famous in Karpathos island and in Greece.

Guide to Kyra Panagia in Karpathos island

The village is situated in a mouth of a large valley, surrounded by steep cliffs and huge mountains. This location is unique even in Karpathos, makes Kyra Panagia a hidden gem, which impresses the visitors with its natural beauty.

Karpathos Kyra Panagia village hidden gem in Greece

Guide to Kyra Panagia village (Κυρά Παναγία)

Kyra Panagia village is not big at all, there were built just a few apartments, taverns, and a small supermarket in the shade of the high cliffs. You can find free parking lots in the main street, directly next to the road.

Parking lot in Kyra Panagia

A few other streets of the village are quite narrow, which were built primarily for pedestrian traffic. It’s definitely worth to take a walk here, because the sidewalks of Kyra Panagia village are filled with hundreds of flowers.

Kyra Panagia guide Karpathos island

Oleanders, geraniums, mediterranean pine trees and tamarisks make this barren valley so alive and so beautiful, to the great delight for the residents and of course for the visitors of Karpathos island. In the summer months there is a small supermarket for the people, and of course some apartments can be rented here too, just check these below.

What to see in Kyra Panagia Karpathos

There are some boat trips from Pigadia to Kyra Panagia, but most of these make a stop in front of the beach, and offer for their guests swimming, and a chance to take photos from the boat. If you would like to discover the charm of the village, and take a walk on the streets, you have to drive here.

Kira Panagia sights

About Kyra Panagia beach, one of the symbols of Karpathos island

In addition to its interesting location, Kyra Panagia is best known in Karpathos island and also in Greece for its beautiful beach. This magical place is one of the most famous trademarks of Karpathos: the panoramic views of Kyra Panagia beach are used often as symbols of Karpathos in travel guides and magazines.

Kyra Panagia beach Paralia Kira Panagia, Παραλία Κυρά Παναγία

These photos are taken from the garden of Kyra Panagia’s church, which was built on a cliff next to the beach. When you visit the village, don’t forget to find the garden of the church for the best views! In the garden you can find shade of tamarisks and peaceful atmospheres, with the iconic views. Definitely a real gem, where a small bell hang from a tamarisk tree.

Best views in Karpathos, Kyra Panagia with a hanging bell

On maps you can find Kyra Panagia beach also as Kira Panagia beach or Παραλία Κυρά Παναγία in Greek, mostly with great reviews. The beach is a well organized place with grey pebbles, parasols and sunbeds, and also some taverns such as Kavos Beach Bar Restaurant.

Kyra Panagia beach in Karpathos island Greece

From the garden of Kyra Panagia’s church you can see the the north cliffs of Kato Lakkos beach (Kato Lako, Paralia Kato Lakkos), but due to geographical conditions it can’t be accessed from this place.

Why visit Kyra Panagia in Karpathos?

The scenery of Kyra Panagia is impressive, the vertical walls of the gorge are breathtaking and enchants almost all of the visitors.

Karpathos Kyra Panagia village hidden gem

Kyra Panagia is a tiny but well-organised place, where the sea is often calm and has amazing emerald and turquoise colors. If you visit Kyra Panagia, you meet with one of the best places in Karpathos island.

Kyra Panagia tavern, street view and photos

Where to stay in Kyra Panagia, apartments and villas of the village

This small seaside resort is located about 15 kilometers from Pigadia and 28 kilometers from Karpathos airport. There are not so much apartments and villas in the area, but these offer definitely a unique holiday in Karpathos island. Just click the links below and read the reviews and ratings, and book your favourite!

Kyra Panagia Hotel ***

Kyra Panagia hotel

Rooms for 2 guests

Ypsilos beach suites

Ypsilos beach suites in Kyra Panagia

Suites with sea view, for 2 guests
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Agnantema Luxury Suites

Karpathos Agnantema Suites in Kyra Panagia

Suites for 2+2 guests

Bella Vista Suites

Bella Vista Kyra Panagia

One bedroom apartments
Up to 3 guests

Villas near Kyra Panagia

Villa Stamatina

Villa Stamatina in Karpathos Kyra Panagia

One bedroom house / villa
Up to 4 guests

2 Goats Villas

2 Goats villas in Kyra Panagia

Villas with private pool
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Mountain & Sea View Villa

Mountain Sea View Villa

Villa with sea view
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Lux View Suites

Lux View Suites Karpathos

Villas / villas with private pool for 2 guests

If you are looking for apartments, hotels and villas all over Karpathos island, just click here (opens in new window).

Best apartments, villas in Kyra Panagia Karpathos

Kyra Panagia additional info

  • Known as: Kira Panagia, Κυρά Παναγία
  • Location: 15 kilometers to Pigadia
  • Coordinates: 35.586736, 27.177188
  • Karpathos 857 00 Greece
  • Can be accessed via asphalt road
  • Boat trips and excursions from Pigadia spend some near the beach, but most of them admire Kyra Panagia only from the sea
Kyra Panagia travel guide, street, sights

Visit Kyra Panagia, and discover one of the best places in Karpathos and a real hidden gem in Greece!

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