Lefkos beach in Karpathos island

Lefkos beach

Lefkos beach is one of the most picturesque beaches in Karpathos, which is family friendly and especially recommended for children. The colours of Lefkos beach (you can find as Παραλία Λευκός on maps) are amazing when the sun shines, and it offers an atmospheres of a shallow lagoon for its visitors.

Now let’s see, why is this place so magical in Karpathos island, and why worth a visit for beach enthusiasts!

Lefkos beach Karpathos island

Where to find Lefkos beach in Karpathos

Lefkos, or known as in Karpathos Kato Lefkos (Κάτω Λευκός in Greek) is a small, but charming seaside resort, which is located on the west coast of the island. If you would like to visit Lefkos, the village is situated about 33 kilometers away from Pigadia and 32 kilometers from the airport, and it can be reached by car, or by public bus transport from the capital.

Kato Lefkos beaches in Karpathos island

The village has three different bays, and all of these are gems of the area, with some unique features. Due to their natural beauties and charm these beaches are listed often among the best beaches in Karpathos island by tourists, and enchant almost everyone.

Kato Lefkos beach

The most famous bay of Lefkos is simply named as Lefkos beach (Παραλία Λευκός), and when you arrive to Lefkos, this is the first bay with you will meet, situated directly next to the road. To reach the parking lots of the village just drive trough the main street, because most of the parking places were built on the west part of Kato Lefkos.

View to Lefkos beach (Kato Lefkos beach)

Lefkos beach guide with photos

Lefkos beach (Παραλία Λευκός) can be very easy recognized, because the views of the bay are so unique, and the sea has incredible colours here. This beach view is famous not just in Karpathos island, but in Greece and in several other countries also, where beach enthusiasts live. As a lot of visitors say, Lefkos beach is a love at first sight – in sunny days the turquoise and emerald colours of Aegean Sea are breathtaking, and several travel guides include this place as a hidden gem in Greece.

Paralia Lefkos beach

The road which leads into the center and from where the panoramic views are the best, is very narrow and the parking is not allowed, but you can walk back here to take photos.

Lefkos beach is one of the best beaches in Karpathos island Greece

This bay is the most organized beach in Kato Lefkos village with many parasols and sunbeds, and behind the beach there are most of the taverns and coffee bars.

Lefkos beach family friendly beaches of Karpathos island

The seabed is filled with fine lighgrey sand and it is quite shallow, one of the most shallow beaches in Karpathos island. Lefkos beach is well protected from the winds and most of the waves also, so it is especially ideal for families.

Lefkos beach in Karpathos island

Due its family friendly features this is one of the best choice for children in Karpathos, where the kids can swim, play or snorkel safely. Most of the seafront is free from stones, pebbles or rocks, which grow its reputation more.

Kato Lefkos beach

On the western side of the bay there can be find the small port of Kato Lefkos, a picturesque tiny port with some fishing boats. This area is great for photos, because the views from here to Kato Lefkos beach and to the highest mountains of Karpathos are amazing. Behind the port there are another taverns and beach bars, such as Captain’s Home, Meltemi taverna, Lyra and Friends restaurant, which have great reviews from the guests.

View to Kato Lefkos beach

The total length of Lefkos beach is about 300 meters, which is not small, but it can be crowded during high season months due to its family friendly features. Don’t expect too much noise or loud beach bars, even this beach is a peaceful and quiet place in Kato Lefkos, Karpathos island.

Karpathos Kato Lefkos beach

The other beaches of Kato Lefkos are quite different on the west and on the north part of the village, and it’s worth to discover these also. The west bay is usually offer nice options for snorkel, while Frangolimiona Beach (Παραλία Φραγκολιμιώνα) in the north often has some waves. Both beaches can be reached within a few minutes walk from Lefkos beach, and dont’t forget these when you visit Lefkos beach.

Restaurants, taverns and bars in Lefkos beach

Why is Lefkos beach one of the best places in Karpathos island?

The photos of Lefkos beach tell a lot of things: not just the panoramic views are amazing, but its child friendly features also. If you spend your holiday with children in Karpathos, or you are looking for the most beautiful beaches, you will be in a right place.

Lefkos beach, family friendly beach of Karpathos island for children

Where to stay

In Kato Lefkos (Κάτω Λευκός) visitors can find the atmospheres of a picturesque fishing village, and it can be recommended for everyone, who are looking for a quiet place in Karpathos island. Lefkos beach is family friendly place which is suitable for smaller children, but there are also some other great beaches in the area.

You can take a look to the accommodations of Lefkos if you click here. Recommended apartments and hotels of the area you can find below, just click the links for photos and reviews.

Aegean Sea Studios

Kato Lefkos Aegean Sea Studios Karpathos

Studios for 2 guests near Lefkos beach

Aegean View Studios

Aegean View studios in Lefkos

Studios up to 3-4 guests, near the beach

Blue and White Studios and Apartments

Karpathos Blue and White apartments in Kato Lefkos

Studios, apartments up to 2-6 guests near the beach

The Ship

The Ship Lefkos

One bedroom house up to 3 guests

Nefeli Apartments

Nefeli Apartments, Kato Lefkos

Apartments with sea view, near the beach
For 2-4 persons

Zorbas Studios

Lefkos Zorbas Studios

Studios and apartments near Lefkos beach
Up to 2-4 guests

Akrogiali Apartments

Akrogiali Apartments Lefkos

Up to 3-4 guests

Albatros Studios & Apartments

Albatros studios and apartments in Kato Lefkos

Studios and holiday homes
Up to 2-4 guests near Potali beach

Hotel Krinos ***

Hotel Krinos Kato Lefkos

Location: 350 meters away from Lefkos beach
Studios & double rooms with sea views
Room capacity: for 2 guests

Dream Villas

Dream Villas in Karpathos

Holiday homes
Up to 4 guests

Alisachni Villas

Alisachni Villas in Karpathos

Standard, superior and two-bedroom villas
Up to 2-6 guests

En Lefko

En Lefko Lefkos Karpathos

One bedroom villa
Up to 2+2 guests near the beach

Miraluna Aparthotel ***

Miraluna Aparthotel in Kato Lefkos

Studios and apartments
Up to 2-5 guests


Karpathos Lefkorama apartment Lefkos

Rooms for 2 guests

Nikos Studios

Nikos Studios in Lefkos

Up to 2-5 guests

Blue Horizon Studios

Blue Horizon Lefkos

Studios in Potali beach
For 2 guests

Kato Lefkos beach in Karpathos island

Lefkos beach (Kato Lefkos bay) additional info

  • Also known as: Paralia Lefkos, Παραλία Λευκός, Kato Lefkos beach
  • Coordinates: 35.587667, 27.071077
  • Location: Lefkos, 33 kilometers from Pigadia
  • Sea water color: turquoise, emerald, blue
  • Sand type: sand
  • Depth: shallow
  • Sea surface: usually calm
  • Crowds: normal, during high season can be much crowded
  • Facilities: parasols and sunbeds for rent, coffee bars, taverns, parasols and sunbeds for rent
  • Other Information: family friendly beach
  • Accessibility: by car, by local bus transport
  • Wind conditions: usually not windy
Lefkos beach Karpathos for children
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