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Lefkos is a picturesque fishing village of Karpathos island with the best beaches of the area, located on the west coast. It is usually known as Kato Lefkos or Κάτω Λευκός in Greek, because this seaside resort was just a small port for decades.

The village is one of the most charming places in Karpathos due to its beautiful natural surrondings and calm atmospheres, near the highest mountains of the island. Lefkos has also some apartments and hotels with great reviews, which can be recommended for a holiday.

Kato Lefkos Κάτω Λευκός 857 00
Location: 34 kilometers to Pigadia
Coordinates on map: 35.588602, 27.069198

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Where to find Lefkos

Lefkos village is situated on the west coast of Karpathos island, about 34 kilometers away from Pigadia, and 32 kilometers away from the airport if we arrive through Arkasa. The nearest village is Mesochori, which lies about 9 kilometers away.

Lefkos definitely worth a visit during a holiday in Karpathos, because this seaside resort is an ideal combination of natural beauty and hospitality, and offer beautiful beaches for visitors. It can be reached by car or motorcycle from other villages, or by public bus transport from Pigadia.

Location and access of Lefkos

Most of the time almost everyone use simply the name ‘Lefkos’ (Λευκός in Greek) for this coastal village, but its real name is Kato Lefkos (Κάτω Λευκός). The old village is located a few kilometers away from the coast, and this place by the sea was just the port of the village for long time. A few decades ago near the sea there were just a few fishing huts, but when the tourism became more significant in Karpathos, the residents realized how beautiful this place is, and tried to take advantage of its exceptional location.

Karpathos Kato Lefkos

Now Kato Lefkos is much larger than the old Lefkos, in recent years apartments and hotels were built in the area. On most of the maps the resort can be find with the ‘Kato’ prefix, which means ‘under’ or ‘below’ in English, referring its location by the sea. This is the reason, why are some coastal villages named as Kato all over Greece.

The population of Kato Lefkos is 89 (census 2011), while the old village, Ano Lefkos has 57 residents.

View to Lefkos Karpathos

Lefkos travel guide with photos

Lefkos is a small village in Karpathos, but also there are tourist services which operate during summer. Visitors can find here apartments, hotels, taverns, coffee bars, mini markets and car rental agencies. The streets are quite narrow – even the main street which goes through the village – most of the parking lots can be find near the center.

Parking and street in Lefkos

There isn’t significant nightlife here, just a few bars and taverns are open in the evenings. Lefkos is a quite popular destination for holidays, but it is very a quiet village in most of the time with relaxing atmospheres. Most of the touristic services are offered from May till the end of September, during off season months the village is very quiet without touristic services.

Taverns and restaurants

Sights and attractions

The best sights of Lefkos are the amazing beaches of the area, which are tiny bays with different characters. These beaches have easy access on foot from the center of the village, situated just a minute walk from each other. The small port is used by local fishermen and it is a tiny, but picturesque place with some fishing boats.

Lefkos port, boat trips, cruises and excursions

There are some small historical sights in Lefkos, of which the most famous is the Roman Cistern (Ρωμαϊκή Δεξαμενή Λευκού in Greek). This attraction can be find in the outskirts of the village, some brown coloured road signs show the right way. By visiting the Roman Cistern we can see the ruins of the underground cistern, surrounded by some ancient walls. There is no entry fee, because it’s a very small cistern, protected by a fence, and can be viewed only from outside.

Kato Lefkos and Kali Limni Karpathos highest point

The other sight near Lefkos village is a small islet, called Sokastro. When Greek archeologists discovered this small islet, they found some ruins from Byzantine and medieval periods. Don’t forget about the sunsets, because most of the time these minutes are magical – just walk to the western part of the village while the sun goes down.

The highest peak of Karpathos island, Kali Limni can be seen from the village, a barren mountain situated on the east. You can visit also the neighboring village, Mesochori which is located 9 kilometers away. The whitewashed houses of Mesochori and its churches and lookout points offer quite different experiences.

Lefkos photos

Lefkos beach info

The amazing beaches of Lefkos are listed as top places in Karpathos, due to the beautiful natural scenery and the exceptional colours of the sea. The emerald and turquoise bays have very easy access, because the beaches are located just a few hundres meters from each other, almost side by side.

Lefkos beach

This great place is situated directly in the center, which is simply known as Lefkos beach or Παραλία Λευκός in Greek. It is a shallow beach with calm waters and organized with parasols, sunbeds, coffee bars, taverns, and most of the photos are taken here.

Lefkos beach in Karpathos island Greece

Lefkos beach is one of the most suitable places for children in Karpathos island, which deserves family friendly badge.

The other two bays are also beautiful, just a short walk from each other. The west bay is famous for its emerald colours and marine life, it is slightly organized sometimes. Sea temperatures depend from actual weather conditions and sea currents, but usually the central bay is the warmest.

Karpathos Lefkos

The north beach of the area is known as Frangolimiona Beach or Παραλία Φραγκολιμιώνα in Greek, and it’s the largest bay of the village.

Frangolimiona Beach

Frangolimiona has usually larger waves and deepens quicker, but it’s also beloved by many people. All of the bhes in Lefkos are famous in Karpathos island due crystal clear waters and snorkeling possibilities, and these can be ideal also for families.

Lefkos beach

Where to stay? Apartments, hotels and villas

If you would like to spend a holiday in of the most charming places in Karpathos island and in Greece, take a look to Lefkos, which is a small hidden gem for many travellers. A holiday here is recommended for everyone who are looking for a quiet and calm place, with atmospheres of a small fishing village.

Aegean Sea Studios

Kato Lefkos Aegean Sea Studios Karpathos

Studios for 2 guests

Aegean View Studios

Aegean View studios in Lefkos

Studios up to 3-4 guests

Blue and White Studios and Apartments

Karpathos Blue and White apartments in Kato Lefkos

The Ship

The Ship Lefkos

Nefeli Apartments

Nefeli Apartments, Kato Lefkos

For 2-4 guests

Zorbas Studios

Lefkos Zorbas Studios

Up to 2-4 guests

Akrogiali Apartments

Akrogiali Apartments Lefkos

Up to 3-4 persons

Albatros Studios & Apartments

Albatros studios and apartments in Kato Lefkos

Up to 2-4 guests

Hotel Krinos ***

Hotel Krinos Kato Lefkos

Studios, double rooms with sea views

Dream Villas

Dream Villas in Karpathos

Holiday homes

Alisachni Villas

Alisachni Villas in Karpathos

Standard, superior and two-bedroom villas

En Lefko

En Lefko Lefkos Karpathos

One bedroom villa

Miraluna Aparthotel ***

Miraluna Aparthotel in Kato Lefkos

Studios and apartments
Up to 2-5 guests


Karpathos Lefkorama apartment Lefkos

Rooms for 2 guests

Nikos Studios

Nikos Studios in Lefkos

Up to 2-5 guests

Blue Horizon Studios

Blue Horizon Lefkos

For 2 persons

General information

  • Population: Kato Lefkos 89, Ano or Old Lefkos 57 (via census 2011)
  • Can be accessed on asphalt road by car, or by local bus transport from Pigadia
Lefkos apartments, hotels studios

Have a pleasant stay in this amazing village!

Accommodation reviews from travellers

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Karpathos Lefkos apartments, studios
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