October 5 Monument or Menetes War Memorial in Karpathos island sights

Menetes War Memorial

One of the best sights near Pigadia, Karpathos island is the famous War Memorial of Menetes, or as the locals know, October 5 Monument (Μνημείο 5ης Οκτωβρίου). The monument near Menetes village shows a statue of a Greek soldier, which symbolizes the liberty of Karpathos. This is one of the most beloved sights in Karpathos island for the locals, because of its historical importance.

Menetes War Memorial (October 5 Monument) Karpathos

Where to find Menetes War Memorial (October 5 Monument)

The War Memorial of Menetes, or October 5 Monument (Μνημείο 5ης Οκτωβρίου in Greek) is located on a hill, between the picturesque Menetes village and Pigadia. If you arrive from the capital, just head towards Menetes, and before the entrance of the village about one kilometer there are a few hairpin bends. These hairpin bends offer interesting sight also, because next to the road there is a picturesque church with a small cemetery.

View to Menetes village in Karpathos island from October 5 Monument (Menetes War Memorial)

Next to the road there are a few parking lot for cars, and from this place you have to climb up some stairs to reach the monument.

Where to find in Karpathos  the Menetes War Memorial, October 5 Monument

History of the monument

The largest statue of Karpathos island is a memorial, which is dedicated to the World War II heroes of Menetes and also the heroic residents of Karpathos island. The memorial pays tribute with respect for all, who fought against the German and Italian invaders during the war periods.

October 5 Monument in Menetes, Karpathos island Greece

The area of Menetes was the one of the most important headquarters of the resistance in Karpathos island, and this part of the island was liberated first in 1944.

October 5 Monument in Menetes, Karpathos island

From the statue there are great panoramic views to the area, a lot of visitors say that this is one of the most beautiful bends in Karpathos. The tiny church and the cliffs of Menetes are very attractive, and visitors can take a lot of amazing photos from here.

Karpathos War Memorial, October 5 Monument in Menetes

Menetes War Memorial additional info

  • Coordinates: 35.489536, 27.174724 (next to Menetes village)
  • Location: 6,5 kilometers away from Pigadia
  • Entry fee: free, outdoor monument
Menetes War Monument, October 5 Monument Karpathos
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