Near Karpathos island airport there are a lot of abandoned beaches with amazing sea colours, and Minti beach is one of these.

Where to find Minti beach in Karpathos, location

For the access of Minti beach you have to drive on a dirt road which leads to Diakoftis beach, a famous lagoon of Karpathos island. This coast is recognizable for the exceptional sea colours and the junipers, which grow next to the dirt road.

Minti beach Karpathos

Despite the colours of the sea Minti beach is one of the unorganized beaches of the southern plains, because of a lot of reasons. The winds are usually strong here and make the swim much less enjoyable than in other places, and the shallow seabed has sharp rocks.

Minti beach

Unfortunately the winds and the sea currents usually drop some garbage to the coast, so the area of Minti beach is not as clear as other parts of Karpathos island.

Minti beach in Karpathos
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