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Othos is the highest-lying village in the mountains of Karpathos, and it is one of the most picturesque, traditional mountain settlements of this island.

The village is located just 12 kilometers away from Pigadia, the road leads through Aperi and Volada villages. Othos (Όθος in Greek language) is situated about 520 meters above sea level on the slopes of the mountains, and there is no other settlement which was built as high in Karpathos island. The houses were built amphiteatrically in the mountains and offer one of the best views to the bay of Pigadia.

Othos Karpathos

What to see in Othos, Karpathos

Most of the houses in Othos are well maintaned, a lot of them were rebuilt some years ago by the residents of the village. The atmospheres of the area are so idyllic and pleasant, that many visitors consider that Othos and its surroundings are one of the most beautiful places in Karpathos. When you walk around, you will see gardens filled with lemon trees, olives, grapes, plane trees, and of course bougeainvilleas and oleanders, which are so beloved in Greece.

Othos village Karpathos island

Most of streets in Othos are narrow alleys, but also the main street which leads through the village is quite narrow. The area offers hiking trails which connect the villages nearby, and can be discovered Aperi, Volada and Pyles on foot. On the hills there are ruins of old windmills, but these are unused a long time ago, and symbolize the past.

Othos sights

Othos sights and attractions

Othos village has a small Folklore Museum (Λαογραφικο Μουσείο Όθους) with some interesting things, which can be find next to the main road. On the exhibiton visitors can see old paintings and photographs from the past of Karpathos island, laces, musical instruments, wood carvings. Folklore Museum of Othos presents the traditions of Karpathos island, but it’s opening times are limited. One of the local sights is a small workshop gallery, where traditional instruments and other hand-made objects can be seen, which were made of wood.

What to see in Othos Karpathos

During summer months residents organize some local festivals and traditional feasts, most of them are religious event. Another sight in Othos village is its largest church, near to the museum, directly next to the main road.

Church of Othos

The family taverns which are usually recommended here are called Othitiko Taverna and Mezzaria Restaurant. Near the main road there are a few parking places in Othos, but due to the narrow and winding road always be careful when you park your car. Always watch the yellow signs where parking is not allowed!

Othos street view

Why visit Othos village in Karpathos island?

A pleasant walk in Othos is definitely always great, because it a charming mountain village with panoramic views and hiking trails. It’s quite easy to discover this area, because the other beautiful villages, Aperi and Volada are also near.

Sights and attractions in Othos Karpathos island

Othos additional info

  • Location: 12 kilometers to Pigadia
  • Coordinates: 35.543376, 27.152096
  • Population: 265 (census 2011)
  • Can be accessed via asphalt road

Othos Όθος 857 00 Greece

Othos Karpathos hiking trails
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