Archeological Museum of Karpathos, Pigadia

Archaeological Museum of Karpathos

The Archeological Museum of Karpathos (Αρχαιολογικό Μουσείο Καρπάθου) is a small, but important museum in Pigadia, with an interesting collection of ancient artifacts.

Where to find the Archeological Museum in Pigadia?

The Archeological Museum of Karpathos has very easy access in Pigadia, because it is located near the small port, just a few meters away. From the port some stairs lead up to the building, but if you arrive from the center of the town, take a walk to the Town Hall of Karpathos (Eparchio Karpathou, Επαρχείο Καρπάθου).

Archeological Museum in Pigadia, Karpathos

The museum of Pigadia is situated in the west wing of the prefecture building of Karpathos, in its small garden there can be find some ancient columns.

Archeological Museum of Karpathos island Greece

About the Archeological Museum of Karpathos island

The Archeological Museum of Karpathos (Αρχαιολογικό Μουσείο Καρπάθου in Greek) is dedicated especially to the ancient history of Karpathos and the neighboring Kasos island. Despite its small size this museum is one of the most important museums of Karpathos, because is shows the ancient past of the island through its exhibitions. The museum has just a few rooms, but it’s interior is well organized.

Karpathos Archeological Museum (Pigadia) exhibition in Pigadia

The exhibitions of the Archeological Museum primarily introduce the prehistoric times to Byzantine era. The visitors can meet the important findings of the ancient cities of Karpathos island, Arkesia and Vrikous. Behind glass walls there can be seen limestone figures, ceramic ovens, marble sculptures, golden and silver coins from Minoan and Mycenean eras, with interpretations in Greek and English languages.

Archeological Museum of Karpathos, Pigadia

Most of the sculptures and columns of the garden are from Potideon, an ancient town of Karpathos, which flourished on the hills of Pigadia.

Archeological Museum of Pigadia with ancient exhibitions of Karpathos island

Archeological Museum of Karpathos (Pigadia Archeological Museum) additional info

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