Pigadia beach Karpathos island

Pigadia beach

One of the most popular beaches of Karpathos: Pigadia beach is a well organized area next to the capital. This place is a really bustling place on the island during the summer months, surrounded by several famous hotels, restaurants and coffee bars. If you are looking for Pigadia beach on map, find as Paralia Pigadia or Παραλία Πηγάδια in Greek on the northwest side of the town.

Location and access

The access of Pigadia beach is very easy and simple, because it is located near the outer port, in front of the largest hotels of Karpathos. From the center of Pigadia and also from some hotels and apartments a walk to Pigadia beach takes just a few minutes.

Behind Pigadia there can be find some narrow streets where you can park beside the road, but during high season these streets can be filled by cars. Sometimes you are doing better if you leave your car in the public parking lots of the town.

Karpathos Pigadia beach

Pigadia beach Guide with photos

Pigadia beach usually has many names on maps, there can be find as Paralia Pigadia or Παραλία Πηγάδια in Greek language, and also known as Xenonas beach by some locals. This part of the bay is situated the nearest to Pigadia, which lasts until Limanaki tavern.

From the tavern the other beach section is known as Limniatis beach (Paralia Limniatis, Παραλία Λυμνιάτης) and this area lasts until the chapel of Agia Fotini. These two beaches are common merged into one place as ‘Pigadia beach’ on maps, but it actually depend which map you looking at.

View to Pigadia beach location

The third beach section is Afoti beach (Παραλία Άφφωτη, or Affoti Beach) starting from the well known ruins, and the longest part is Vrontis beach (Vronthi) after you have leaved Afoti beach, a few hundred meters away from Pigadia beach. Afoti beach and Vrontis beach are sometimes also merged, because this long part looks like almost the same.

Pigadia beach is one of the most organized areas among Karpathos island beaches, where beach bars, restaurants and hotels are waiting for guests. The place is also filled with parasols and sunbeds, some of these belong to the largest hotels of the island.

Pigadia beach Karpathos Greece

The seabed deepens moderate, it is filled mainly with coarse sand and pebbles. When the sea is calm, Pigadia beach (Paralia Pigadia, Παραλία Πηγάδια) is great for a swim just a few minutes walk from the center of the town.

Pigadia beach in Karpathos

It’s important to know that Pigadia beach can be crowded from June to August due to its exceptional location, with lot of visitors who arrive from the apartments and hotels nearby. If you like secluded places much more than the crowds, just walk north to Afoti beach, where are much less people, or go even further to the long Vrontis beach, which is the most abandoned area in the long bay.

Pigadia beach Limanaki in Karpathos

The area sometimes can be windy, but there are a some places which are sheltered from the strong western winds. Sometimes there are some waves in the sea also, but usually these are not too high, and just bring some adventure for the guests of Pigadia beach.

Paralia Pigadia (Karpathos town beach)

Recommended beach bars of Pigadia beach are ‘Island Pool Bar Restaurant’ and ‘Seaside lunch bar’, which can be find directly next to Alimounda Mare Hotel, offering great meals and delicious drinks.

Pigadia beach bar Seaside

Why visit Pigadia beach in Karpathos

If you spend your holiday in the north area of Pigadia in Karpathos island, you will meet certain with the most popular beach of the town. A lot of apartments, hotels and studios are situated near to Pigadia beach, from where it can be reached in just a few minutes.

Paralia Pigadia beach in Karpathos

Pigadia beach (with Limniatis, Afoti and Vrontis) may be a great option also after you have discovered the picturesque streets of the town, the weather is hot and you would like to find the nearest beach. One of the sights of Pigadia is quite near and can be seen from the beach, because the monument of Kostantinos Iliakis was built just a few steps away from here.

Karpathos Pigadia beach

Where to stay: apartments and hotels nearby

The nearest hotels, apartments and studios are located just behind the beach of Pigadia, but there are some other accommodation in the area, which are also within suitable distance.

Near Pigadia beach you can find the famous 5 stars hotels of Karpathos island, Alimounda Mare Hotel and Konstantinos Palace Hotel.

Hotels of the area

Alimounda Mare Hotel *****

Karpathos Alimounda Mare Hotel in Pigadia

Wide range of rooms and suites with sea / mountain views, near the beach
Up to 2-4 persons

Konstantinos Palace Hotel *****

Konstantinos Palace Hotel in Karpathos Pigadia

Wide range of rooms with sea / mountain views, near the beach
Up to 2-4 guests

Hotel Astron Princess ****

Hotel Astron Princess in Pigadia

Rooms for 2-3 guests

Atlantis Hotel **

Atlantis Hotel in Karpathos

Rooms for 2-4 guests

Xenios Zeus Hotel

Pigadia Xenios Zeus Hotel in Karpathos

Studios and apartments for 2 persons

Minos Beach Hotel **

Minos Beach Hotel Pigadia

Rooms for 2-4 guests, near the beach

Best hotels near Pigadia beach

Pigadia beach information

  • Also known as: Pigadia beach, Paralia Pigadia, Παραλία Πηγάδια
  • Coordinates: 35.508767, 27.207592
  • Location: 100 meters away from the outer port of Pigadia
  • Sea water color: blue
  • Sand type: sand, coarse sand, pebbles, stones
  • Depth: deepens moderate
  • Sea surface: moderate
  • Crowds: usually crowded
  • acilities: restaurants, beach bars, parasols and sunbeds for rent
  • Other Information: –
  • Accessibility: on foot from the center of Pigadia, by car
  • Wind conditions: can be windy
Pigadia beach
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