Pigadia hotels, apartments and studios

Where to stay in Pigadia, Karpathos

If you would like to stay in the largest town of Karpathos, where boat trips, nice coastal promenade and a lot of great restaurants can be find, there is always a question, which are best hotels and apartments in Karpathos town? So let’s see the list of the recommended accommodations for 2024, selected by travellers, and based on real experiences and guest reviews.

Pigadia (Karpathos town) and its area is always a great choice for a holiday due to its central location and a lot of touristic services. The capital of the island is situated just about 14 kilometers from Karpathos Airport, from where you can travel to Pigadia by local bus transport, by taxi or by rented car. This town is not just a picturesque town with a long beach, but Pigadia is the most bustling place of the island where a lot of restaurants, supermarkets, bars, tourist agencies, ATM, bus station, taxi station, souvenir shops and much more can be find. Boat excursions and daily boat trips visit the best beaches of Karpathos during the summer months, and it is also recommended to discover the island by bus, by car or by motorbicycle.


Click here for all the 2024 accommodations of Pigadia, or take a look to the best hotels and apartments which are recommended by travellers.

Pigadia hotels 2024

Alimounda Mare Hotel *****

Karpathos Alimounda Mare Hotel in Pigadia

Wide range of rooms and suites with sea / mountain views, near Pigadia beach
Up to 2-4 guests

Konstantinos Palace Hotel *****

Konstantinos Palace Hotel in Karpathos Pigadia

Wide range of rooms with sea / mountain views, near Limniati beach
Up to 2-4 guests

Hotel Astron Princess ****

Hotel Astron Princess in Pigadia

Rooms for 2-3 guests

Atlantis Hotel **

Atlantis Hotel in Karpathos

Rooms for 2-4 guests

Minos Beach Hotel **

Minos Beach Hotel Pigadia

Rooms for 2-4 guests, near the beach

Sea Stone Hotel **

Sea Stone Hotel in Pigadia

Rooms up to 3-4 persons

Apartments, studios in Pigadia (Karpathos town) for 2024

Porfyris Studios and Apartments

Porfyris studios and apartments

Studios and apartments
Up to 2-4 guests
Central location

Aeolia Suites

Aeolia suites in Karpathos Pigadia

Rooms and suites for 2-4 guests
Near the port of Karpathos

Lemon Tree House

Lemon tree house in Pigadia

Rooms for 2-4 guests
Central location

Astra Studios

Astra studios in Pigadia

Studios for 4-5 persons
Central location

Gorgona Traditional Studio

Karpathos Gorgona studio in Pigadia

Studio for 2 guests
Near Pigadia port

Mytique Apartment

Mystique apartment in Pigadia

Two bedroom apartment up to 6 guests
Central location

Anemos Guest Apts

Anemos Guest Apts in Pigadia

Rooms for 2 guests
Central location

Aphrodite Luxury Studios & Apartments

Karpathos Aphrodite Apartments in Pigadia

Studios and apartments with sea / garden views
Up to 2-4 guests

Venezia Bungalows

Pigadia Venezia Bungalows Karpathos

Rooms, studios and apartments
For 2-3 guests
Near Vrontis beach

Aesthetic Apartments

Aesthetic Apartments in Pigadia

Apartments up to 4 guests

Magic View Apartment

Magic View Apartment

Two bedroom apartment up to 6 guest
Near the port of Karpathos

Amalthia Villa

Karpathos Amalthia Villa

Two bedroom apartment up to 5 guests

Artemis House

Artemis House in Pigadia

Studio and apartment up to 2-4 persons

Avra Rooms

Avra Rooms

Rooms for two guests

Alpha & Omega apartments

Alpha and Omega apartments

Two bedroom apartments up to 4 guests

Galini Apartment

Karpathos Galini Apartments in Pigadia

One bedroom apartment up to 4 persons

Olive Studios

Pigadia Olive Studios

Apartment for 2-3 persons

Renata’s villas

Pigadia Renatas Villas

Apartments, rooms and villa for 2-4 guests

Istia Luxury Villas

Istia Villas in Karpathos island Pigadia

Superior villa up to 5 guests

Petra House

Petra House Pigadia Karpathos

Villa with private pool, up to 5 guests

Beachfront Apartments

Beachfront apartments

Studios with sea view for 2 guests
Near Vrontis beach

Gorgona Traditional 1

Gorgona Traditional 1 Karpathos

Apartment with sea view for 2 persons

Gorgona Traditional 2

Gorgona Traditional 2 apartment in Pigadia Karpathos

One bedroom apartment for 2 persons

Kelly’s studio SISAMOS

Kelly's studios SISAMOS

Studios for 2-3 persons

For all the accommodations of Pigadia, and of course for the photos, guest reviews of apartments and hotels just click here.

Have a pleasant stay in the capital of Karpathos island, Greece, in the magical Pigadia!

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