Port of Karpathos (Pigadia port)

Port of Karpathos (Pigadia port)

The port of Karpathos or known as Pigadia port (Λιμάνι Καρπάθου) is the largest port of the island, which is used by ferries, excursion boats and fishing boats.

The port is situated on the northeast part of Pigadia, where the large rocky hill can be seen. For its access you have to drive by car through the promenade, or you can walk through the charming streets and narrow alleys from the central areas.

Port of Karpathos in Pigadia

As you can see, due to geographical reasons the surroundings of the port of Karpathos (Pigadia port) are picturesque, where the barren hill and the colourful houses make this district very attractive. Near the port there are a lot of restaurants, accommodation and bars, because at nights this is one of the most bustling places in the capital.

Port of Karpathos

About Port of Karpathos (Pigadia port)

The port of Pigadia is not just the largest, but also the most important port in Karpathos, because most of the ferry lines which connect the island to the Greek mainland and other islands such as Rhodes or Crete, arrive here and depart from here. The ferries use the outer parts of the port, and next to the ferry port you will find the excursion boats.

Port of Karpathos, Pigadia port

The largest excursion boats of Karpathos depart from here in the morning hours during summer season, and visit the best beaches of the island such as Apella beach or Kyra Panagia beach.

The traditional village of Olymbos (Olympos) can be also visited by boat from Pigadia, because in the schedules of some boats there are sightseeing tours also.

Pigadia port of Karpathos

The innert part of the port of Karpathos (Λιμάνι Καρπάθου) is protected by a breakwater from the waves, this is a place for smaller fishing boats. It’s worth to take a walk in the port, because the colourful boats and the atmospheres of this area are charming, and offer great themes for holiday photos.

Port of Karpathos, Pigadia port

The building of the local port authority (Λιμεναρχειο Καρπαθου) is also here. Very important info about the port of Karpathos, that the coastal road is closed in the evening, and it becomes a pedestrian path. Most of the excursion boats can be find in the evenings in the port, because during the day the boats are on the route.

Excursion boats in Pigadia port (port of Karpathos)

Where to find Port of Karpathos (Pigadia port)

  • Known as: Pigadia port, Karpathos port, Λιμάνι Καρπάθου
  • Location: in the northeast side of Pigadia
  • Coordinates: 35.509351, 27.215446

If you are looking for an accommodation near the port of Pigadia, just click here for the apartments, hotels, studios in the town.

Pigadia port

Have a pleasant walk in Pigadia port, one of the most picturesque ports of Karpathos!

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