Pyles (Piles) Karpathos

Pyles (Piles)

The small village of Pyles is located in the western mountains of Karpathos, and characterized by cobble stoned streets.

Pyles (Piles) Karpathos Greece

This small settlement is located about 13 kilometers from Pigadia, near Othos village and has traditional stone houses, narrow alleys, which are surrounded by lush vegetation. Pyles (also known as Piles, or Πύλες in Greek) has excellent views of the sea, because the houses of the village were built on the western slopes. Most of the houses in Pyles village are kept in good condition, the locals spend a lot of time with the maintenance of the buildings.

Pyles village in Karpathos island

What to see in Pyles, Karpathos

In the center of Pyles you can find the most interesting church of the village, church of the Dormition of the Virgin Mary (Κοίμησης της Θεοτόκου). The main feast of the church is celebrated at August 15th, when the most important and famous celebrations are held all over Greece also. The main feature of the church is its interesting bell tower, because one part of the bell tower is held by two columns.

Pyles church

One of the sights in Pyles (Piles) is the small museum which is dedicated for agriculture, this is one of the important museums in Karpathos island. The Agricultural Museum of Pyles (Αγροτικό Μουσείο Πυλών) is located at the east entrance of the village, in the direction of Othos. This small museum of Karpathos is operated by a local family, and it is open every day of the week during summer months, except Sundays. The exhibition introduces a traditional farmhouse with some animals, a traditional windmill, a wine press, a stove, and large variety of the items, which were used by the locals in everyday life many years ago.

Pyles (Piles) Karpathos

Pyles is a nice and friendly village, far away from the crowds, and can be easily discover due to its location. The other great mountain villages: Othos, Volada and Aperi are near so it is a great idea to explore this interesting area and the traditional villages of Karpathos island.

Pyles (Piles) sights, attractions, what to see in Karpathos

Due it’s mountanious areas, the nearest beach is known as Finiki beach on the west coast of the island.

Pyles additional info

  • Location: 15 kilometers to Pigadia
  • Coordinates: 35.531063, 27.133767
  • Population: 216 (2011 census)

Piles Πύλες 857 00 Greece

Main street of Pyles village (Piles)
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