Saria island Karpathos

Saria island

Saria island a small, but interesting island in the north, which was a part of Karpathos island a few million years ago.

Saria can be reached only by boat, because a small but deep gulf separates the island from Karpathos. If you would like to visit to Saria, you can find boat trips in Pigadia (Karpathos town) and in Diafani villages, which offer daily excursions and sail to this island.

About Saria island

Saria island is called often as an island of the pirates, because in the medieval ages there was a large shelter for pirates and sea raiders. Before medieval era Saria was well known among sea merchants of the Aegean Sea, according to Greek archeologists there were two important cities of ancient times, Saros and Nisiros. In the history of Saria there were often earthquakes and piracy, and these settlements were destroyed. On the hills there can be seen some ruins of these villages, but also several ruins were swallowed by the sea.

Saria island Karpathos

Why visit Saria island in Karpathos

Saria island is now an uninhabitated island, where just a few sheperds live a few months during the year. The island has some nice beaches also, which are well protected natural bays, surrounded by steep cliffs. The most famous beach of Saria is the bay of Palatia (Palatia beach or Παραλία Παλάτια in Greek), characterized by turquoise and emerald colors, crystal clear waters and pebbly shore. From Palatia beach there is a great hiking trail to an abandonded village, with amazing views to the bay and to the inner areas of Saria island both.

The beaches where the boat trips and excursions arrive to Saria island are great for snorkel, because the waters of Saria are much less disturbed.

Saria island Karpathos, boat trips and excursions

Saria island has also some small chapels and churches, the most beautiful are Agios Panteleimonas (Άγιος Παντελεήμονας Σαρίας) and Agios Spyridonas (Άγιος Σπυρίδων) in the south, and Agios Zacharias (Άγιος Ζαχαρίας) in the north which is near to the hiking trail of Palatia beach. Some of these places are dated from 5th century A.D.! While hiking the trails of Saria you can discover several ruins of stone houses, and an another old city called Argos.

The geographical conditions of Saria island are quite similar to the north part of Karpathos, which means it is characterized by steep cliffs and barren mountains.

Saria additional info

coordinates: 35.865741, 27.222939 (only by boat from Pigadia and Diafani)

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