Spoa Karpathos


Spoa is an agricultural settlement on the northeast side of Karpathos, situated on the hills between Kyra Panagia and Olymbos.

Spoa (or Σπόα in Greek language) is one of the medium sized villages with its 162 residents, but it belongs to the important settlements of Karpathos due its agricultural production. It is situated directly next to the main road which leads to the traditional Olymbos from the south, so everybody can meet this village while driving to the north.

Spoa village

The village is surrounded by lush scenery, because there can be find several grapeyards, olives, fig trees, and of course pine trees also grow here.

What to find in Spoa, Karpathos

It is recommended to find a parking lot and park the car in the outskirts, because most of the streets of Spoa are narrow alleys, which were designed for pedestrian traffic in the old times.

Spoa village in Karpathos island

When you walk through and discover this village, you will see some small chapels and churches in the streets, the religious life is so significant and important here as in other parts of Karpathos. Because tourists don’t visit often Spoa, life is going slowly, but the locals definitely like this kind of lifestyle.

Spoa Karpathos

We mentioned earlier that in the area there are many grapeyards, this plant grow particularly well on the surrounding hills. Spoa village is famous from its vineyards, the locals produce high quality demi-sec wines.

This village is situated on a hillside and facing to east, so due to the location of Spoa the sunrises are usually really amazing from this place!


The road which leads to Olymbos (Olympos) from the southern areas, passes the outskirts of Spoa. One of the most beloved parts of the village is known as Agios Nikolaos, a small port of Spoa with atmospheres of a small fishing village. Agios Nikolaos is a charming settlement near the sea with a few taverns, situated about 4 kilometers away. The beach is also situated here, which is suitable for snorkeling and diving.

Agios  Nikolaos of Spoa, port

Spoa additional info

  • Location: 25 km to Pigadia
  • Coordinates: 35.637486, 27.142081
  • Population: 162 (census 2011)

Spoa Σπόα 857 00 Greece

Spoa in Karpathos
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