Karpathos sunsets


You can watch amazing sunsets in Karpathos, but it’s worth to know where to find the best places for admiring the most beautiful sunsets in the island.

The magical sunsets in Karpathos island

Where are the best sunsets in Karpathos island?

The answer for the best sunsets in Karpathos island is quite simple: go to the west!

The best sunsets spots in Karpathos are located mostly on the west coast, where sun falls into the sea. At these times amazing colours fills the sky, while the sea, the clouds and the horizon sparkle with millions of orange and red shades!

Karpathos sunset spots

Where can be find the best sunset spots in Karpathos?

Sunsets over the orange hills of Arkasa

Arkasa (Arcesine) is known as the largest town on the west coastline of Karpathos, and offers one of the most amazing sunsets of the island. The dramatic landscapes of the area and the interesting charm of Arkasa guarantee exceptional panoramas for sunsets. Arkasa is located about 16 kilometers away from Pigadia (Karpathos town), and this is the nearest sunset spot on the west coast, if you stay in the area of Pigadia.

Sunsets over the heights of Olymbos

The traditional village of Karpathos island, Olymbos (Olympos) is situated on the hills of the west. Therefore Olymbos village is famous not just for its traditions, but also for the breathtaking sunsets. If you climb up to the top of the village, you can watch sunsets between the old windmills and traditional houses, as the sun kisses the sea!

Sunsets in Mesochori

The area of Mesochori village is also a great spot for a spectacular sunset. From the whitewashed houses of the village sunsets are always great.

Sunsets from area of Lefkos village

Lefkos is a charming seaside resort on the west coast of Karpathos, and also a great spot for watching sunsets. In the area of Kato Lefkos there is another great spot for sunsets, which is located about 6 kilometers away from the village, in the direction of Arkasa. These heights offer sunset views to Kato Lefkos also.

Karpathos best sunset sport in Kato Lefkos

Views from Pyles

The heights of Pyles village are known as an other great sunset spot in Karpathos, with the views of Kasos island and southwestern region of the island.

Karpathos sunset

Sunsets in Pigadia

It’s magic, because the capitol of Karpathos island, Pigadia is located on the east coast of the island, where you can’t see as the sun falls into the sea. But despite this fact the sunsets are usually great here also, because after the sun fell behind the mountains, the panoramic views and the warm colours of these minutes are unforgettable!

Pigadia Karpathos sunset
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