Karpathos travel info 2023

Travel guide 2023 for visitors of Karpathos island, Greece with useful informations. Important infos about travel, transport, activities, facilities and services for tourists, visitors and who are interested in Karpathos.

By reading the travel informations of Karpathos you can meet the following:

  • How to travel to Karpathos island by boat, ferries or flights
  • Karpathos Airport and flight informations
  • Ferry information
  • Diving, snorkeling and hiking infos with tips
  • Boat trips of Karpathos island
  • Public bus transport and taxi service in Karpathos
  • Windsurf and kitesurf activities
  • Karpathos rent a car useful infos
  • Fuel stations of Karpathos

Useful travel informations for travelling to Karpathos island

Travel to Karpathos

Karpathos island travel informations.

Karpathos taxi

Karpathos taxi service

Taxi service in Karpathos island is one of the significant elements in public transport. The main taxi station of Karpathos is located in Pigadia, where taxis can be find, but there is a central telephone number to call a taxi in Karpathos. Karpathos taxis have fixed prices, and also can be used for private tours […]

Karpathos taxi service

Karpathos National Airport info

Karpathos Airport (AOK)

A small, but modern airport in Greece: Karpathos Airport is a heart of the air transport and very important for tourism. You can meet this place on maps as Karpathos Island National Airport or Αεροδρόμιο Καρπάθου also. One of the most important informations is its location, where is Karpathos airport? The facility is situated on

Karpathos Airport (AOK)

Karpathos island rent a car, car hire

Karpathos Rent a Car

How about discovering this great island as it deserve? Rent a car in Karpathos! The island can be discovered by a car, by quad or by motorbicycle the best: there are a lot of beaches, sights and hidden gems which can be accessed only by renting a car or motorbicycle. While visiting Karpathos rent a

Karpathos Rent a Car

Karpathos fuel station, petrol station

Fuel stations in Karpathos

The fuel stations are very important in everyday life of Karpathos island, and also for tourists who rent a car, motorbicycle or quad to discover the highlights. One of the most important things about petrol stations of Karpathos is their location, because this Greek island has just a few places where you can refuel. Where

Fuel stations in Karpathos

Karpathos map

Karpathos map

High resolution Karpathos maps, which you can download by one click. Download these Karpathos road maps! Just click the image below, and the maps will open in new window. Karpathos map download Karpathos map 2 Enjoy the roads of Karpathos island!

Karpathos map

Karpathos windsurf info

Karpathos Windsurf

Karpathos island has exceptional windsurf capabilites in Greece, and visited by hundreds of windsurfers each year. The winds of the island are so unique and support windsurfing, so Karpathos hosted also a windsurf world championship. Where is the best windsurf spot in Karpathos? The center of windsurf is located in the southern side of Karpathos,

Karpathos Windsurf

Karpathos kitesurf

Kitesurf in Karpathos

Kitesurf is one of the most popular surf styles in Karpathos, because the island offers some great kitesurf spots. Karpathos island is famous for its unique wind conditions, because from May to September in the area of Aegean Sea there is a special wind, known as Etesian (Meltemi), which is significant in several islands of

Kitesurf in Karpathos

Karpathos boat trips

Boat trips

One of the best activities in Karpathos island are the boat trips, which depart from the main ports of the island in the morning hours. Daily boat trips and excursions are quite popular among the visitors of Karpathos, because sailing on the sea offer special adventures. Some of the best beaches of Karpathos can be

Boat trips

Snorkel, dive, scuba diving in Karpathos Greece

Dive and snorkel in Karpathos

The beaches of Karpathos island offer several great dive and snorkel spots, so let’s see where you can find the best places to admire the vibrant marine life. Crystal clear waters, interesting marine life and some underwater sea caves are waiting for travelers in Karpathos island, Greece. Around Karpathos there are many diving sites, where

Dive and snorkel in Karpathos

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