Boat trips and excursions in Karpathos

One of the best activities in Karpathos are the boat trips, which depart from the ports of the island in the morning hours.

Cruise on the clearest waters of the Aegean Sea, and enjoy the amazing scenery of Karpathos from a deck! From late May till end of September there are several daily boat cruises and boat trips, offering a great cruise on the blue Aegean Sea. On these daily trips tavelers can visit the best beaches of Karpathos from the sea, which is a completely different experience and shows the interesting coastline of the island. 

The best boat trips in Karpathos, beach days and sail around the island

Most of the boat trips are depart from the port of Pigadia in the morning hours. These excursions last until late afternoon, so you can even go out to dinner afterwards.

The schedule of the exursion boats can be find in the port in the evenings, or there are several tourist agencies, where information is provided. Some of the boat trips visit the most famous beaches of the island (Achata beach, Kyra Panagia beach, Apella beach, Kato Lakkos beach, Vasilis Paradise beach), sail to the nearby Saria island. There is also a boat trip which depart from Pigadia and arrive to Diafani village, from where the traditional Olymbos is only a few kilometers away.

Karpathos boat trips and excursions

The boat excursions of Karpathos are beloved by many tourists, because the endless Aegean Sea and the panoramic views of the island enchant them. There a few other villages in Karpathos, where can be find some small excursion boats, so if you stay in Diafani or Lefkos, just find the port and ask locals for the schedules! 

Karpathos boat trips and excursions

Boat trips from the port of Pigadia

Sofia My Love (beach days with Achata, Kato Lakkos, Kyra Panagia, Apella beach, Vasilis Paradise, and boat trips to Diafani (Olympos) and Saria island)

Kasos Princess (boat trips to Kasos island, and to Sitia, Crete island)

Annoula  II


Boat trips from Pigadia

Pigadia port, where the excursion boats can be find at nights 

Boat excusions from the port of Diafani

If you would like the visit some secluded beaches in the northern part of Karpathos (Agios Minas beach, Nati, Forokli, etc), catch a boat in Diafani. From the port there are some boat trips to Saria island also.

Captain Manolis boat (Saria)

Nikos boat (boat trips to Saria, Tristomo & Vrikounda, the north beaches of Karpathos)

Diafani port, boat trips and excursions to beaches and Saria

Some of the excursion boats stop on the open water in front of the beaches, and offer a swim in the crystal clear waters.

Have fun, sail around Karpathos!


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