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There are so many great hiking routes in Karpathos, which lead to secluded beaches, to the top of the high mountains, or just several nice trails between the beautiful villages of the island. Don't just sunbathe on the beach, explore other landscapes as well!

Karpathos island offer many interesting walking routes for hikers. Some of these are easy as a pie, while other hiking trails are recommended only for experienced. If you like hiking, you can reach amazing secluded places in Karpathos like as the tiny Tristomo village and Vrykous (Vrikounda), ruins of of ancient cities, the highest peak of the island called Kali Limni, or abandoned beaches in the north.

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 Karpathos hiking trails, walking


A significant part of the island is characterized by high mountains, pine forests, secluded beaches, untouched valleys and traditional villages, which means unique experiences and great adventures for the visitors of Karpathos island.

Hiking in Karpathos is not just a simple activity which can be enjoyed only during summer holidays, the months of spring and autumn offer also great - or maybe even better - walking conditions.

Many villages of Karpathos are connected by several trails, which are often marked by signs or red dots painted on the rocks. Sometimes these can be marked in other colours such as blue.

Before you start hiking, you should plan your walk. Make sure before long walks that you have a detailed map, a compass, water, a good and comfortable shoe, and fully charged cell phone for emergency situation before long walks. If you plan a long tour and you are unexperienced, just ask a local tour guide to join, or ask helpful advice. There are some tour guides in Karpathos, who deals with hiking all year round.

Karpathos is a hiking paradise, where the nature is almost untouched, and easy to forget the civilization. The amazing geographical diversity and beauty of the island make it into excellent destination for hiking, one of the best places for this activity in the  area of the Aegean Sea.



Hiking trails, walking paths in Karpathos island Greece


Advices for hiking in Karpathos

  • Most of the hiking trails are narrow and filled with pebbles and rocks, so you must watch your step all the time.
  • Wear comfortable shoes - one of the most important thing when hiking. If you have only beach sandals, buy a comfortable shoe!
  • Alway take sun block with you. Protection of your skin is very important, because on sunny days you can easily burn! There are many trails without natural shade.
  • Clear water to drink is the most important thing. During hot summer months you will need to drink a lot. Always carry with you a bottle of water, because far from the civilization there are not many wells.
  • Take a fully charged cell phone with you. Watch out, the signal of the cellphones is average in Karpathos, and in the mountains are usually poor, but it can save lifes.
  • Choose the mornings for hiking durin summer months - June, July and August is too hot for walks in the afternoon.
  • The best periods for hiking in Karpathos are April and May in the spring, and September and October in the autumn. Check the weather of Karpathos here...
  • Keep your environment clean! Never leave trash in the nature.


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Karpathos island walking tours and guided walking 


Some basic hiking trails in Karpathos

Aperi - Achata beach (5 kilometers)

The route starts in the outskirts of Aperi village. You can walk through a beautiful and wild canyon, surrounded with green pine forests and steep cliffs. There are several small caves with stalactites and stalagmites in the walls of the cliffs, which were formed by the nature over millions of years. Before the end of the trail you can take some rest at the small chapel of Achata, and if you go further, you will find one of the best beaches of Karpathos.


Aperi - Volada - Othos - Pyles (8 kilometers)

One of the most beloved routes leads among the traditional villages of Karpathos island. You can discover other nearby villages, like Stes the small agricultural village.


Kali Limni (3 kilometers)

Conquer the highest peak in Karpathos island and the Dodecanese Islands also! A narrow and barren trail starts from Lastos plateau. As you get higher and higher, you will meet amazing panoramic views. 


Avlona - Tristomo (Vrikounda / Vrykous) (8 kilometers)

If you like the deserted and untouched landscapes, you will be impressed. The tour starts in Avlona, one of the northernmost villages of Karpathos, and its end is a small bay of Tristomo. You can visit tiny chapels in this tour and also the ruins of ancient Vrikounda, which was one the most important cities in Karpathos island.


Katodio - Kato Lakkos beach (1 kilometer)

The small settlement is located over the hills of Kyra Panagia, and the trail leads to the interesting Kato Lakkos beach. This beach can be reached by boat trip also, but is more adventurous if you follow the hiking trail!


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Let's discover Karpathos, and collect great experiences!


Karpathos hiking, tours, best trails and activities


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