Karpathos kitesurf

Kitesurf is an interesting version of surfing, and in Karpathos island there are some great kitesurf spots.

Kitesurf requires a special and strong wind, which is able to blow into parachute and can give high speeds to surfers. This kind of wind can be find in the southern side of Karpathos island, especially in the area of Agrilaopotamos beach. This beach is the most known kitesurf spot in Karpathos, where dozens of surfers enjoy the wind, the speed and the high jumps.

Agrilaopotamos beach is located only a few kilometers from the airport of Karpathos, and from the other surf spot of the island (Afiartis) which is recommended for the other surf style, called windsurf. Sometimes the actual wind conditions are perfect for windsurf in Agrilaopotamos too, not only for kitesurf.

Kitesurf in Karpathos, Greece



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