Karpathos windsurf

Karpathos island has exceptional windsurf capabilites, and visited by hundreds of surfers each year. The island hosted also a windsurf world championship!

The center of windsurf is located in the southern side of Karpathos, where the wind conditions are the best for this interesting extreme sport. The famous windsurf spot is called Afiartis, which is a small settlement next to the airport of Karpathos. The village has 3 separate bays, with different characters and conditions. These are called Chicken bay, Gun bay, and Devil's bay (Vatha), with the names which represent the required surfing skills.

These spots are suitable for beginners, for intermediate level and professional surfers too. The best wind conditions in Karpathos arrive in from May and take until the end of August, when the prevailing wind, called 'Meltemi' reigns.

Karpathos windsurf spot

The strong winds blow full force through Karpathos from the north to south, creating exceptional conditions for windsurf. Several surfers who traveled to Karpathos once, will go back year after year, to enjoy the winds of Karpathos and the interesting atmospheres of this Greek island.

Afiartis hosts some surf centers, where the windsurfing basics can be learned. The windsurf centers offer for clients windsurfing boards and sails for rent, as well private lessons to beginners.

In Karpathos there is a great spot for the other surf version, which is called kitesurf. The best kitesurf spot of the island is located a few kilometers away from Afiartis, at Agrilaopotamos beach. Kitesurf looks like a parachute, and requires special surfing skills.


Karpathos windsurf

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