Karpathos airport

The airport of Karpathos is a small, but modern airport in the southern side of the island. 

The airport is very important in Karpathos, because this is the main connection between the island and other Greek islands, and of course the countries of Europe. The airport handles most of the turism in Karpathos, its passenger traffic was in 2019 more than 250.000 people (in the year 2020 it dropped due to COVID-19).

The IATA code which is used for Karpathos airport is AOK, so if you are looking for a flight to Karpathos island, you need to look 'AOK' codename. 

The airport is located only 14 kilometers away from Pigadia, the capital of Karpathos. From the airport to other villages of Karpathos you can travel by bus, by rented car or by taxi.

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Karpathos island airport information

Karpathos Airport History

The island was accessible only by the sea for a long time. The mountanious area of Karpathos made very difficult to build an airport, but in the south there are some flat areas, where the engineers have developed a plan. The constructions of the airport began in the '60s, and it was completed in 1970, when the first small planes were able to land in Karpathos.

The runway of the airport was built on the most flatten part of Karpathos, and the southwestern region was selected. In the beginning there were only a few small buildings and some basic services, but many decades ago, before the presence of mass tourism is was pretty enough.

In the last two decades there were several significant improvements. The buildings of the airport, incl. a terminal were totally renovated and expanded, and the airport of Karpathos has a modern and spacious infrastructure today.

Next to terminal there are some important services for travelers. There can be find a bus stop, a small taxi station, and some parking lots. During summer months several domestic flights and international charters arrive to the airport os Karpathos.

Karpathos airport

Airlines and flights to Karpathos island

Smartwings, Aegean / Olympic airlines, Condor Airlines, Finnair, Scandinavian Airlines, TUI, Sky Express, Neos Airlines, Austrian Airlines, Eurowings

In Karpathos airport usually you don't have to wait long time to checkin, the service is fast enough. The terminal of the airport has a nice views to the runway, it has a small Duty Free shop and a cafeteria where you can have a coffee while waiting for departure. 


Karpathos airport terminal 

Karpathos Airport info

  • Also known as: Karpathos International Airport
  • IATA code: AOK
  • Coordinates: 35.427045, 27.149073
  • 14 kilometers from Pigadia
  • Facilities: parking lot, bus stop, Duty Free shop
  • Other Information: -
  • Accessibility: by car, by bus
  • Runway: 1 primary runway, widh a length of 2399 meters 


Karpathos airport AOK

The other way to travel to Karpathos island is catch a ferry, because there are several ferries which connects with other Greek islands. Ferry informations, companies and travel times to Karpathos island...

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