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Karpathos island can be reached not only by international charters or domestic flights from the airports of Greece, but also by ferries. Travel by ferry to Karpathos is an important option, because the island is well connected with other Greek islands in the Aegean Sea.

There are two (three) shipping companies which operate ferries to / from Karpathos island. Anek Lines (with its subsidiary company called 'Aegeon Pelagos') and Blue Star Ferries. 

 Karpathos ferry Anek Lines Karpathos island ferries, Blue Star Ferries

The ferryboats are quite large in size, and can transport not only passenger and cars, but also heavy and long trucks as well. The ferries are maybe not the fastest travel solution to Karpathos due to the relative slowless, but if you would like to visit the island by car or from other Greek islands nearby, you are on a round trip, to catch a ferry is always a good option!

Check the ferry schedules to Karpathos, and book ferry tickets online to Karpathos here...

Greek islands, which are connected with Karpathos by ferries: 

  • Rhodes (Rhodes town) - Anek Lines
  • Chalki - Anek Lines
  • Kasos - Anek Lines
  • Crete (Heraklion & Sitia) - Anek Lines
  • Milos - Anek Lines
  • Santorini (Fira) - Anek Lines
  • Kos - Blue Star Ferries
  • Santorini - Anek Lines

The largest port of Greece, called Piraeus (the main port of Athens) is also connected with Karpathos island, the duration of the trip is about 16-17hours. The fastest travel times with ferry to Karpathos are the routes from Rhodes, Crete (Sitia) Chalki and Kasos islands. The ferries of Anek Lines arrives to Diafani and Pigadia (Karpathos town), the ferries of Blue Star arrive to Pigadia. 

The schedules of ferries are usually periodic, there are different routes and dates for the summer, autumn, spring and winter months. Booking online the ferry tickets before the trip is always recommended, visit this website to check and book ferry tickets online. You can search by date and can see the actual ferry schedules to / from Karpathos island in a few seconds.

Karpathos ferry information, Karpathos by ferries

Travel durations to Karpathos by ferry from the Greek ports

By planning your holiday there is always a question, how long takes the trip with ferry. You can see the travel times and how often do ferries run to Karpathos.

To / From Travel duration, hours (approx.) How often (usually) Ferry company
Piraeus port (Athens) 16-17 hours  1 / week Anek Lines

Crete (Sitia port)

4,5 hours  3 / week Anek Lines
Crete (Heraklion port) 7,5 hours  2 / week Anek Lines
Rhodes (Rhodes town port) 6 hours  3 / week Anek Lines
Rhodes (Rhodes town port) 6 hours  1 / week Blue Star Ferries
Santorini (Fira / Thira port) 8,5 hours  2 / week Anek Lines
Chalki 3,5 hours  3 / week Anek Lines
Kasos 1,5 hours  3 / week Anek Lines
Kasos 1 hours  1 / week Blue Star Ferries
Milos 15 hours  1 / week Anek Lines


To / From Travel times (approx.) How often Ferry company
Kos 7,5 hours  1 per week Blue Star Ferries


Check the actual ferry schedules to / from Karpathos, and book ferry tickets online here via Ferries In Greece...


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