Fuel stations and gas stations in Karpathos

Most of the gas stations in Karpathos island are located in the area of Pigadia.

Karpathos is a quite small island, which has only a few gas stations. There stations can be find in the outskirts of Pigadia.

A significant gas station was built next to main road between Pigadia and Aperi, one is located on the southern side of Pigadia, and the newest was constructed between Menetes and Arkasa. These gas stations can be easy to find, the facilities are located directly next to the roads, with some road signs. There is also petrol and diesel fuel for cars and motorbikes, and also sell lubricants and some car parts.

Be aware: in the northern side of Pigadia there are no gas stations! 

Fuel stations, gas stations in Karpathos

Karpathos gas station (petrol station) coordinates:


Petrol station 1: 35.533198, 27.189612 (between Pigadia and Aperi)

Petrol station 2: 35.502864, 27.210989 (between Pigada and Amoopi)

Petrol station 3: 35.471806, 27.132085 between Pigadia and Arkasa)


The fuel prices in Karpathos are usually significantly higher than in the mainland or larger Greek islands, because the fuel is transported on ferries from other parts of Greece.



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