Karpathos local bus schedules

The local bus services of Karpathos offer secure and cheap way to travel through the island, and visit some villages.

The bus transport of Karpathos island is quite good, and suitable for many travelers who don't want to rent a car or motorbike. This public travel service is well organized, the routes are simple, and the tickets are affordable.

The main bus station of Karpathos is located in Pigadia, in the western side of the capitol. Pigadia bus station coordinates: 35.507043, 27.210227


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The main routes and directions from Pigadia:

  • Karpathos Airport (Damatria - Afiartis - Airport)
  • Amoopi
  • Aperi / Volada / Othos / Pyles
  • Apella / Kyra Panagia
  • Lefkos / Finiki / Arkasa
  • Menetes / Arkasa / Finiki
  • Olymbos / Diafani
  • Spoa / Mesochori
  • Vrontis beach

The bus schedules of Karpathos island depend from the season, there are low / high season schedules. These can be find in bus stops, with timings and directions of course. During summer months the bus services run more often due to tourists, these period is more frequented than the low season.

More information about Karpathos local bus schedules: karpathosbus.wordpress.com

Karpathos bus service prices: approx. 2 Euro - 8 Euro (depends from the route)


Karpathos local buses and routes


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