Vasilis Paradise beach Karpathos

Vasilis Paradise beach

Vasilis Paradise beach is one of the most interesting beaches in Karpathos island, which can be accessed only by boat! This magnificient beach is located just a few hundred meters away from Apella beach, but is well hidden due to the steep cliffs of Karpathos. Due to special geographical conditions there are no roads or hiking trails which lead to Vasilis Paradise beach in Karpathos, but don’t get sad, there is a way to enjoy this unique beach, one of the hidden gems.

Vasilis Paradise beach by boat in Karpathos

In the port of Pigadia there can be find an excursion boat (Sofia My Love), which sail here and spend a few hours on this hidden gem of Karpathos island, just watch the billboards or ask a tourist office for actual schedules.

Vasilis Paradise beach

Vasilis Paradise beach is quite narrow and tiny, because it is primarily characterized by large rocks. Between the rocks the sea is quite shallow, and depending from actual natural conditions there can be exist a small shore. Near the cliffs there grow some pines which provide some shade for visitors, and all for those who don’t want to swim here. This place is organized very simple, in the shade of the pines there are just a few tables and seats for the passengers of the excursion boats.

Karpathos Vasilis Paradise

The famous Apella beach is about 800 meters away from Vasilis Paradise beach, but the swim to each other is not recommended due to the currents of the sea. The other nearest place is Kyra Panagia beach about 4 kilometers away on the sea, these are also not connected by roads.


Vasilis Paradise beach additional info

  • Also known as: Vasili’s Paradise beach, Paralia Vasilis Paradise
  • Coordinates: 35.610017, 27.151662 (only by boat)
  • Location: 13 kilometers from Pigadia
  • Sea water color: turquoise, blue
  • Sand type: pebbles, rocks
  • Depth: deepens moderate
  • Sea surface: moderate
  • Crowds: guests of the boat trip
  • Facilities: –
  • Other Information: hidden gem
  • Accessibility: only by boat excursion from Pigadia
  • Wind conditions: average, mostly protected from the winds
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