Vatha beach in Kipi Afiartis (Karpathos)

Vatha beach

Vatha beach, or Paralia Vatha (Παραλία Βαθα in Greek) is the largest and longest beach in Kipi Afiarti, Karpathos. There is also an interesting nickname of Vatha beach, which is ‘Devil’s bay’ due to the exceptional windsurfing capabilities and the strong force of the winds.

The access of Vatha beach (Paralia Vatha) is very easy, because it is located just about 2 kilometers from Karpathos Airport, and an asphalted road leads to the beach. If you arrive from Pigadia, the distance between Vatha beach and the capital of Karpathos is about 12 kilometers. This is the largest bay among Afiartis beaches, and can be seen well from the northern heights.

Vatha beach (Devil's bay) in Afiartis Karpathos

Info Guide to Vatha beach with photos

Vatha beach is well known in Karpathos and also in the community of surfers for the strong winds, because this is the bay where the winds always blow during summer period, especially from June to mid September. The name of ‘Devil’s bay’ is no coincidence, surfing on the open waters is recommended for experienced.

The beach is covered by coarse sand and some pebbles, while in the shallow seabed near the coast there can be find some rocks. If you would like to swim here, find the parts which are not so rocky.

Paralia Vatha, Vatha beach in Afiartis

Vatha beach is about 700 meters long on the east coast of Afiartis, but there can be find just a few places where parasols and sunbeds can be rented, the small portable parasols are not really useable here. Due for the winds Vatha is much more a great place for windsurf, than for swim or snorkel. Vatha beach, or as the surfers mention it often, Devil’s bay was the scene of ISWC World Championship in 2009, from 31th July to 5th August.

Vatha beach (Paralia Vatha)

One of the best places in Vatha beach is a bar known as Karolina Beach Bar, which is a small tavern with great reviews and offer hot meals and cold drinks for their guests in Afiartis.

Vatha beach

The nearest beaches to Vatha beach is Makris Gialos beaches (Gun bay, Chicken bay) in the south and Prasonnissi beach, which is the north end of Vatha. If you would like to swim or enjoy the feelings of a lagoon, find Chicken bay (Μακρύς Γιαλός) about 2 kilometers away in the south, because the winds are less strong there and the seabed is filled with sand.

Vatha beach or Paralia Vatha in Karpathos island

In the area of Vatha beach there are also some accommodations, which are recommended for windsurfers. If you are a surfer of you would like to stay in the area, just click here and take a look to the apartments, studios and hotels of Kipi Afiarti. (opens in new window)

Vatha beach additional info

  • Also known as: Paralia Vatha, Devil’s bay
  • Coordinates: 35.438895, 27.155001
  • Location: 12 kilometers from Pigadia
  • Sea water color: green, blue
  • Sand type: coarse sand, pebbles, stones
  • Depth: shallow
  • Sea surface: varied
  • Crowds: usually not crowded
  • Facilities: windsurf station, beach bar
  • Other Information: Karpathos windsurf spot
  • Accessibility: asphalt road, behind the beach dirt road
  • Wind conditions: usually windy
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