Ammopi apartments, hotels, rooms and villas in Karpathos

Recommended apartments, studios and hotels in Amoopi (Ammopi), one of the best tourist resorts in Karpathos.

Updated: 2022 / 01

Ammopi is well known for its exceptional snorkeling options, and due to to its shallow and sandy beaches one of the best place for smaller children also. This small village has several great apartments, studios and hotels, which are reviewed by travelers. Let's see the accommodations, which are recommended for a holiday in Ammopi!

Where to stay in Amoopi for 2022

 Vardes Hotel Studios (rooms for 2-3 guests)

Esperida Rooms & Studios (2-4 guests)

Maria Apartments (up to 4 guests)

Ardani Bay Studios (rooms for 2)

 Anatoli Villas (villas for 4-5 guests)

Althea Boutique Hotel (rooms for 2-4 guests)

Aperanto Apartments (up to 4 guests) 

Serenity Villa Karpathos (villa, up to 8 guests)

Mihalis Studios (up to 5)

Scarpantos Studios (2-3 guests) 

Castelia Bay Hotel (rooms for 2)

Elaia Villas (villas, up to 5 guests)

 Askelinos Villas (4 guests)

Onar Beach Houses (villa)

B & N Melas Studios (rooms for 2)

Aros Luxury Villas (villas for 4-5 guests)

Evilia Luxury Villa (villa, up to 8 guests)



Have a great holiday in Ammopi, Karpathos island!

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