Diafani rooms, apartments

Where to stay in Diafani for your holiday in 2022! Which rooms, apartments, studios and villas are recommended by travelers?

Updated: 2022 / 01

The tiny village of Kyra Panagia is a small gem of Karpathos, with calm atmospheres and an iconic beach of Greece. Let's take a look the accommodations of the village, and find your favourite.

Diafani accommodations

Maistrali Studios (up to 2 - 5 persons, sea view, central location)

Nikos Hotel (up to 2 - 3 persons)

Villa Diafani Anna (up to 5 persons, luxury villa with sea view)

Villa Diafani Eirini (up to 5 persons, luxury villa with sea view)

Balaskas Hotel (up to 1-4 persons)

Dorana Apartments and Trekking Hotel (up to 1- 4 persons, guided excursions) 


Have a great holiday in Diafani village, Karpathos!


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