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What are the best hotels in Karpathos island for 2022?

Updated: 2022 / 01

Karpathos is a small island of Greece, where mass tourism is not so significant yet, and there are no hundreds of hotels such as in Rhodes or in Crete.

But don't worry! Despite there are no long streets filled with large hotels, you can find some really great hotels in Karpathos, which are beloved by their guests and the travelers. Most of the hotels in Karpathos were built in Pigadia, about 13 kilometers away from the airport, but you can find some other great hotels in other popular tourist resorts of Karpathos.

Now let's see, what are the recommended hotels in Karpathos with the recommendations of travelers. Find your favourite and book for your best holiday in 2022!

The best hotels in Pigadia (Karpathos town), by travelers choice

Alimounda Mare Hotel

Konstantinos Palace Hotel

Hotel Astron Princess

Sunrise Hotel

Atlantis Hotel

Aeolia Suites

Sound of The Sea Hotel

White House Hotel-Apartment

Olympic Hotel


The best hotels in Amoopi (Ammopi, Lakki) for 2022, by Karpathos travelers choice


Althea Boutique Hotel

 Vardes Hotel Studios

Castelia Bay Hotel



Recommended hotels in Arkasa and Finiki for 2022, by travelers reviews


Yiannis Hotel


Royal Beach Hotel

Alkioni Hotel (Finiki)

Hotel Finiki View (Finiki)

Arhontiko Hotel (Finiki)


Other recommended hotels in Karpathos island for a holiday in 2022, by travelers choice


Kyra Panagia Aparthotel (Kyra Panagia village)

Aphrodite Hotel (Olymbos)

Hotel Krinos (Lefkos)

Nikos Hotel (Diafani village)

Dorana Apartments & Trekking Hotel (Diafani)


Have a great holiday in Karpathos island!


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