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Recommended villas, luxury suites in Karpathos for 2022

Updated: 2022 / 01

If you would like to your holiday something special, take a look to the best villas of Karpathos island. We collected the greatest villas and suites for your best holiday for 2022, with amazing designs, calm atmospheres and luxurious conditions.

If you travel with your family, kids or your friends to Karpathos, these villas can be great choice for your holiday. Most of the villas have private swimming pool, and offer much more privacy than other types of accommodations.

Find your favourite villas and suites in Karpathos, and book for 2022!

Serenity Villa (Amoopi village, up to 8 guests)

Aros Luxury Villas (Ammopi, up to 4-5 guests)

Evilia Luxury Villa (Amoopi, up to 8 guests)

Askelinos Villas (Amoopi, up to 4 guests)

Elaia Villas (Ammopi, up to 5 guests)

Anatoli Villas (Amoopi, up to 4-5 guests)

Villa Ardani (Amoopi area, up to 7 guests)

Ardani Paradise View Villa (Amoopi, up to 4 guests)


Anemolia Villa (Amoopi area, 2 guests)

Titan's Sea Cabin (Amoopi area, up to 4 guests)

Ciel Boutique Villas (Afiartis area, up to 4 guests)

Kalimera Karpathos Exclusive Villas (Afiartis area, 2-4 guests)

Afiartis Avli House (Afiartis area, 4 guests)

Theros Luxury Villas (Afiartis area, 2 guests)

OceanViewVilla (Afiartis, up to 7 guests)

Cato Agro 5 Villa (Afiartis, up to 7 guests)

Petra House Karpathos (Pigadia area, up to 5 guests)


Eleon Luxury Villa (Pigadia area, up to 5 guests) 

Villa Anastasia (Volada, up to 6 guests) 

Lux View Villas (Kyra Panagia area, villas, up to 4 guests)

Two Goats Villas (Kyra Panagia area, up to )

Villa Diafani, Eirini (Diafani, up to 5 guests)

Villa Diafani, Anna (Diafani, up to 4 guests)

 Villa Nisiria (Olymbos, up to 4 guests)

Proni Villa (Adia area, 3 guests)

Arpathea Villas (Finiki, 3-4 guests)

 Arkasa Palace Boutique Villas (Arkasa, suites, up to 2-4 guests)

 Aposperia Memorable Living (Kyra Panagia area, villas, 4-6 guests)


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