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Where to stay in Pigadia (Karpathos town) in 2022? Check the recommended accommodations which are recommended by travelers of Karpathos, to find and book your favourite!

Updated: 2022 / 01

Pigadia (or known as Karpathos) is always a great choice for a holiday in Karpathos due to its central location, many tourist services, boat trips and shops. 

There are several accommodations from low cost rooms to well equipped apartments, studios and of course hotels too. It's important to know, that the largest hotels of Karpathos are located in Pigadia. If you would like to see the largest range of apartments, hotels and rooms, just click here for all the accommodations.

Now let's see what are the best apartments, hotels and studios in Pigadia, which were tested by visitors and travelers of Karpathos, and can be recommended for you.

Recommended apartments and studios in Pigadia

Porfyris Studios and Apartments (up to 2 - 4 guests)

Dimitra Apartments (up to 2 - 4 guests)

Casa Jokaste (up to 4 guests)

Aeolia Suites (up to 2 - 4 guests)

Optasia Apartment (up to 2 guests)

Magic View Apartment (up to 6)

Renata's villas (up to 2 - 6 guests)

Pigadia Central (up to 3 guests)

Gorgona Traditional 1 apartments (up to 4 guests)

Gorgona Traditional 2 apartments (for 2)

White House Hotel Apartments (up to 2 - 4 guests)

Anthis View (up to 2 guests)

Kelly's studios Sisamos (2 guests)

Sotirios Apartment (2-4 guests)

Iris Studios (for 2)

Aphrodite Luxury Studios and Apartments (up to 2 - 4 guests)

Petra House Karpathos (villa, up to 5)

The best hotels in Pigadia, which are recommended by travelers of Karpathos

Alimounda Mare Hotel (up to 2  - 4 guests)

Konstantinos Palace (up to 2 - 4 guests)

Hotel Astron Princess (up 2 guests)

Sound of the Sea Hotel (up to 2 - 5 guests)

Atlantis Hotel (2-4 guests)

Sunrise Hotel (2-3 guests)

Xenious Zeus Hotel (rooms for 2-3)

Amaryllis Hotel (budget, up to 2 guests)


All of the accommodations in Pigadia (Karpathos town)...


The beautiful Pigadia, capital of Karpathos

Where to stay in Pigadia in 2022, recommended apartments, studios and hotels with user reviews 


Have a great holiday in Pigadia, Karpathos island!

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