Karpathos windsurf info

Karpathos Windsurf

Karpathos island has exceptional windsurf capabilites in Greece, and visited by hundreds of windsurfers each year. The winds of the island are so unique and support windsurfing, so Karpathos hosted also a windsurf world championship.

Where is the best windsurf spot in Karpathos?

The center of windsurf is located in the southern side of Karpathos, where the wind conditions are the best for this interesting extreme sport. The best windsurf spot in Karpathos island is known as Kipi Afiarti (Afiartis, Κήποι Αφιαρτη), which is a small settlement next to the airport of Karpathos. This village has 3 separate bays, offering different characters and wind conditions for windsurfers.

Karpathos windsurf

The best beaches for windsurf are Vatha beach (Paralia Vatha, Παραλία Βαθα, or known as Devil’s bay), Makris Gialos beach (Gun bay) and Small Makris Gialos (Chicken bay), with the names which represent the required surfing skills well. These great windsurf spots of Karpathos island are suitable for beginners, for intermediate level and professional surfers too.

Windsurf in Karpathos island

Which is the best period for windsurf?

The best wind conditions for windsurf arrive to Karpathos in May, and take until the end of August (or mid-September), when the prevailing wind, called ‘Etesian’ or known as ‘Meltemi’ reigns. The dry and strong Etesian winds blow full force through Karpathos from the northwest to southeast, which direction can turn on the southern side, due to the geographical conditions of the island. It’s an important info for windsurfers that the winds which hit the area of Kipi Afiarti blow all the day in summer period, not just in the afternoon or in the mornings.

Karpathos windsurf lessons

There are some other Greek islands which are hit by strong Etesian winds, such as Rhodes or Crete. Therefore Rhodes island (Rodos) has also some beaches with great wind conditions, the most famous is known as Prasonisi beach. Several windsurfers who traveled to Karpathos island once, travel back year after year, to enjoy the winds of Karpathos and the interesting atmospheres of this Greek island.

Karpathos best windsurf spot in Kipi Afarti

The area of Kipi Afiarti (Afiartis) offer local surf centers, where the windsurfing basics can be learned. These windsurf centers offer for clients windsurfing equipment for rent, as well private lessons to beginners, just ask the staff of Baja Bar & Windsurfing station or Meltemi Windsurfing Karpathos. The staff members are skilled and friendly, and offer good quality equipments. You can choose between several types of boards, such as boards for beginners, wave boards and freestyle boards, and of course the sails can be are also different which depend on your needs.

Karpathos windsurf station

Most of the windsurf stations in Karpathos are open every day from 9:00 to 18:00, and the facilities offer showers and changing rooms. At the beaches of Afiartis next to the surf clubs there are some restaurants and beach bars also, such as Barba Minas Taverna or Baja beach bar.

Learning windsurf in Karpathos

There are windsurf stations of Karpathos, such as Meltemi Windsurfing, which offer group and private windsurf lessons both for children, for beginners and for intermediate. The best place for these lessons is Chicken bay (Small Makris Gialos beach), because the sea is quite shallow and the winds are not so strong. For children there usually are two options, under 10 years and above 10 years, when the staff take care for the special needs of the children.

The groups are maximized usually in 4-5 people for the required attention, and the prices of the windsurfing lessons include the rent of equipment, the insurance, and the education. If you are beginner, don’t be afraid from strong winds, your lessons will be taken in Chicken bay.

Where to stay near the windsurf spot in Karpathos island

If you prefer windsurf in Karpathos, your best place for accommodation is Kipi Afiartis, where some apartments, small hotels and villas can be rented. Afiartis is a small village just about a kilometer away from Karpathos airport, and offer great conditions for windsurfers.

Princess studios (up to 2-4 guests)

Afiartis Avli House (up to 4 guests)

Michail Suites Afiartis (apartments up to 2-5 guests)

Irini Hotel **** (up to 2-5 guests, top location)

Oceanviewvilla (3 bedroom, up to 6 guests)

Kalimera Karpathos Exclusive Villas (studios, apartments, suites for to 2-4 guests)

Near Afiartis: Poseidon Blue (rooms for 2 guests)

Apartments, hotels and rooms all over in Karpathos island… (link opens in new window)

Karpathos Greece windsurf

In Karpathos there is an another great spot for the other surf type, which is the kitesurf. The best kitesurf spot of the island is located a few kilometers away from Afiartis, in a place which known as Agrilaopotamos beach (Παραλία Αγριλαοπόταμος). Kitesurf looks like a parachute, and requires special surfing skills. The wind conditions can be also great for windsurf in Agrilaopotamos.

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