The town is located on the north side of the island and it has the second largest port in Karpathos.

Diafani, Karpathos

Diafani is a small village, but it is a popular destination for boat trips. This is a beautifully situated town with nice scenery, colourful houses, unique decorations. The village is a charming resort, with a traditional character, which offers peaceful atmosphere to visitors. The houses of the village are overlooking the endless Aegean sea. In front of the houses there is a beach with grey pebbles, some parasols and beds. On a hot day just step into the refreshing sea, and go to swim! There is a secluded bay on the north side of the village, about a half hour walk, called Vananda. It is a tiny, unharmed beach with only a few visitors.

Diafani village, Karpathos island, Greece
Statues in Diafani

The promenade

Behind the town's beach you can find some bars and taverns, or if you are not hungry of thirsty, just sit down one of the benches in the tamarisk tree's shade. The picturesque promenade and the traditional village attract thousands of tourists every year. There are no big hotels, souvenir shops, or significant nightlife here, the bars and the small restaurants are closing relativily early. 

The nearest city is Olympos, one of the most famous and historical cities in Karpathos. In the ancient times Diafani was the port of Olympos.

In the area you can see some stone walled terraces carved into the hillsides, for the cultivation of vegetables, olive trees, lemons, apricotes, fig trees, and many more plants.

Houses of DiafaniLittle family taverns

Diafani beach
Diafani beach

Additional info

  • 50 km to Pigadia
  • coordinates: 35.755384, 27.210297
  • coastal village
  • 2nd largest port in Karpathos

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