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Agia Fotini

The ruins of Agia Fotini are interesting set of stones and ancient walls, located in the suburbs of Pigadia, in the east side of Karpathos island.

Chapel Of Agia Fotini (Αγία Φωτεινή in Greek) is one of the few ancient sights of Karpathos, which remained from the past. Archeologists said that Agia Fotini was a Paleochristian basilica, which is dated from the 5th or 6th century AD.

Agia Fotini, Potideon, Sights of Pigadia Karpathos

Where to find Agia Fotini in Karpathos island

The Chapel of Agia Fotini is surprisingly easy to find, because it is located directly next to the main road, which leads to north. Drive in the direction of Aperi and Olymbos from Pigadia, and you will find it! The important archeological site of Karpathos island is separated with a fence from the sidewalk, but visitors can’t miss it. It can be seen well, because the ruins of the buildings are gathered in one place.

Agia Fotini Karpathos island Pigadia (Potideon ruins)

The ruins of Agia Fotini are one of the best known historical sites in Karpathos due to its location.

Pigadia sights, Agia Fotini and Potideon in Karpathos Greece

The archeological site at the Chapel of Agia Fotini includes some marble columns and frames of the church, and there are still some visible symbols of early Christian decorations and religious carvings. In the area of Pigadia there can be find some ruins of the ancient Potideon also, which was one of the largest ancient towns in Karpathos island thousands years ago. Some ruins of Potideon can be seen at the site of Agia Fotini, while other noticable ruins are situated in the area of the capitol.

Chapel of Agia Fotini Pigadia sights in Karpathos island

It’s worth to know that this archeological sight of Karpathos island is very small, and a visit takes just a few minutes.

Chapel of Agia Fotini in Pigadia

The Chapel of Agia Fotini additional info

  • Coordinates: 35.513676, 27.200841 (next to Pigadia)
  • Entry fee: free
  • Outdoor archeological site, surrounded by a fence, directly next to main road
Chapel of Agia Fotini in Pigadia, Karpathos island with Potideon

During nights the Chapel of Agia Fotini is usually illuminated, which offer nice views with Pigadia (Karpathos town) in the background.

Chapel of Agia Fotini, Karpathos, Pigadia
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