Stes in Karpathos


Stes is a small agricultural settlement in Karpathos, located in a small plateu in the heart of the island. Stes village (or on maps you can find as Στες in Greek language) is relatively unknown for most tourists, but for its few visitors it shows a green heart of Karpathos.

Stes in Karpathos island, near Othos and Volada

Where to find Stes in Karpathos

The village can be accessed via a narrow road which starts from Othos. When you leave Othos head to Pyles, and you will see a road sign ‘Stes’, just turn off the main road. If you drive from west direction (from Arkasa or from Lefkos), this junction can be seen after leaving Pyles, but before Othos.

Stes village

From this junction a narrow and winding road leads to Stes, just about 2 kilometers long. The small village is situated one of the most fertile valleys of Karpathos island with olive groves, grapeyards, vegetables, and other agricultural plants.

The area of Stes in Karpathos island

This area – including the tiny settlement – is very quiet, much more peaceful even the most villages of Karpathos. You can see here some pretty houses, well-kept gardens, old churches and some farmhouses, but classical sights, historical remains or other attractions are not here. The population of Stes (Στες) is just 10, according to census 2011.

Stes Karpathos

The residents are primarily engaged in agriculture, so the tourism is not significant here at all, we can’t find taverns or bars in this place. The most interesting sight of Stes is a tiny church, which is called Agios Panteleimonas (Άγιος Παντελεήμονας), and can be find next to the road, after the entrance of the village. There are some hiking trails in the area also, which lead to Othos.

Stes, agricultural village in Karpathos island Greece

About Stes village

  • Location: 14 km to Pigadia
  • Coordinates: 35.543560, 27.141353
  • Population: 10 (census 2011)

Στες Stes 857 00 Greece

What to see in Stes
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