Vrontis beach Pigadia Karpathos

Vrontis beach

Vrontis beach is located near Pigadia, capital of Karpathos, and it is the one of the longest beaches on the island. This beach is usually known as Pigadia beach also, but it’s slightly away from Pigadia, about few hundred meters north.

The long bay next to Pigadia is separated to smaller parts, and Vrontis beach (Vronthi beach) is the largest and longest among these. You can find Vrontis after you leaved Pigadia in the direction of Aperi, go further from Agia Fotini about 500-600 meters, and is lasts from there until the north end of the bay.

Vrontis beach Pigadia Karpathos (Vronthi)

It’s quite common that on some maps this section is signed as Afoti beach or Paralia Affoti, or as Παραλία Άφφωτη in Greek language, and the two parts are merged into one long beach. Some travellers describe the entire bay as Pigadia beach, but this is just a strong simplification of the area.

The access of Vrontis beach (Vronthi beach) is easy as a pie, because the main road which leads from Pigadia to the north (into the direction of Aperi, Apella beach, Olymbos village, etc) can be find directly behind the beach. There are wider sections beside the road where you can park your car, the coastline is just about 30-40 meters away from the road.

Karpathos Vrontis beach (Vronthis)

The travelers who spend their holidays in Pigadia, and discover the beautiful beaches and villages of Karpathos island, know Vrontis beach well known due to its location. Because its access is easy as a pie!

Vrontis beach in Pigadia Karpathos

Vrontis beach guide with photos

Vrontis beach is a medium developed seaside resort in the north outskirts of Pigadia. This beach is long and wide, which is never overcrowded due its size, and one of the most calm places near the capital. The area of Vrontis beach (Vronthi) is slightly organized with some parasols and sunbeds on some places, but the area is much less noisy than the other beaches of Pigadia.

Vrontis beach (Vronthi) Karpathos

The beach deepens moderate, there can be find some shallow and deeper section also, while the seabed is filled with coarse sand, pebbles and stones.

Vrontis beach Pigadia, Karpathos island

In the background of Vrontis, near the main road there are some tamarisks which provide some natural shade, but in the afternoons most of these shady places are usually filled with people.

Vrontis beach Pigadia Karpathos

Vrontis beach can be windy, because there is no natural protection from the winds, but on windy days the trees offer some shelter.

Why visit Vrontis beach in Karpathos island?

Vrontis beach is primarily recommended for the travellers who stay in the outskirts of Pigadia during their holiday, offering a nice and quiet location for swim or for relax. It is situated about a 15-20 minutes walk away from the capital of Karpathos and from the other beaches of Pigadia such as Afoti beach or the central Pigadia beach.

Vrontis beach (Vronthi) Pigadia

Vrontis is less developed than the the beaches which are located slightly nearer to Pigadia, but it’s strength is quietness. There are some apartments and hotels in the area, but much less than near the capitol.

View to Vrontis beach (Karpathos)

In the northernmost side of Vrontis beach there are two small sights of the area. Firstly, between the main road and the beach there is a tiny chapel, called Agia Karai (Agia Kara, Αγια Κάρα), which is situated in the north part of Vrontis. The other notable sight is a small marble memorial, known as Litos monument, just a short walk away from the chapel to the sea.

Vronthi beach (Vrontis) Pigadia, Karpathos island

Where to stay near Vrontis & Pigadia beach

If you are looking for an accommodations in the outskirts of Pigadia which are near to the beach, just take a look the studios, apartments and hotels of the area. Near to the beaches of Pigadia there can be find also the 5 stars hotels of Karpathos, Konstantinos Palace Hotel and Alimounda Mare Hotel.

If you would like to stay in the area, for most of the apartments, studios and hotels in Pigadia take a look here. (opens in new window)

Minos Beach Karpathos (rooms for 2-4 guests)

Iris Studios (studios for 2 guests)

Beachfront Apartments (studios for 2 guests)

Venezia Bungalows (rooms for 2-3 guests)

Konstantinos Palace Hotel ***** (rooms for 2-4 guests)

Alimounda Mare Hotel *****(rooms for 2-3 guests)

Vrontis beach Karpathos island

Vrontis beach additional info

  • Also known as: Vronti beach, Vronthi beach, and travellers often name it as Afoti beach or Pigadia outskirts beach
  • Coordinates: 35.519123, 27.198824
  • Location: about 1 kilometer from Pigadia
  • Sea water color: blue
  • Sand type: sand, coarse sand, pebbles, rocks
  • Depth: deepens moderate
  • Sea surface: moderate
  • Crowds: not crowded
  • Facilities: parasols and sunbeds for rent, beach bars on some places
  • Other Information: –
  • Accessibility: on foot from the center of Pigadia, by car
  • Wind conditions: can be windy
View to Vrontis beach
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