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Aperi is a traditional mountain village in Karpathos, Greece, which was the capital of the island many years ago. It is located just 8 kilometers away from Pigadia, and it is famous for its great panoramic views and mountain atmospheres. It can be important info for travellers that Aperi has very easy access, because the main road passes the village, just follow the road signs into the center.

Aperi (or known as Απέρι in Greek) is a beautiful mountain village in Karpathos, which lies on the hills of the surrounding mountains at an altitude 350 metres.

Aperi Karpathos Greece


Aperi in Karpathos is one of the most important villages, its quite old and definitely large. It was founded in the middle ages, when inhabitants of the coastline were looking for a safer place from pirate attacks.

The residents are very proud of the history, because it was one of the most significant villages and played a major role for centuries. It’s definitely important, because Aperi was the island’s capital until 1892, and the first high school in Karpathos island was founded here in 1939.

Greece Aperi village Karpathos island

Guide with photos

Aperi village is one of the largest villages of Karpathos island, with a population of 353 (2011 census). The village has an important religious role, because it is today the seat of the Archbishop of Karpathos and Kasos (Metropolis Karpathos – Kasos, Μητρόπολη Καρπάθου – Κάσου).

Aperi church Archbishop Karpathos Kasos

On the heights of the area you can see many chapels and orthodox churces with whitewashed walls and blue or red domes, these can be also visited. As you discover the village, you can see several colorful and beautifully renovated houses, which are mostly in the hands of Greek immigrants who came back from the USA.

Visit Aperi in Karpathos Greece

In the center you can find some free parking lots, but look carefully the parking places, because the roads are narrow, even the main road. One of the best parking lots of the village are situated next to the center of Archbishop.

Aperi church Archbishop Karpathos Kasos

What to see in Aperi

Karpathos has several amazing mountain villages, but Aperi is one of the most beautiful, which is definitely worth to see. It can be reached quick and easy from Pigadia by car or scooter, the trip takes just about 15 minutes. The streets and the gardens are filled with lemon trees, plane trees, bougainvilleas, geraniums, and many other beautiful flowers and plants.

Karpathos Aperi village sights attractions hidden gems

In the center you can find a large stone bridge, which spans a small valley. This valley in Aperi village has an important role in colder seasons, when rainy days are here, because it leads down the precipitation from the surrounding mountains. You can walk behind the bridge, where a small chapel and a fountain were built.

Visit Aperi in Karpathos island Greece

There are several hiking trails in the area, and by visiting Aperi we can walk around the narrow streets, climb up higher places to hidden gems, or just sit down and enjoy the magical scenery of the village.

Aperi Karpathos

The road connect Aperi with the nearest villages, Volada and Othos, another great mountain villages of Karpathos island can be also discovered by car or on foot. On the eastern side of the village there is a football stadium and next to it an athletic field, which are used by local students and football teams.

Sights in Aperi village, Karpathos island

If you visit Aperi in Karpathos island, you can’t miss the Archbishop, which is the largest church in the village. You will see also many tiny chapels and churches on the hills, such Church of the Saviour (Ιερός Ναός Μεταμορφώσεως του Σωτήρος Χριστού), Holy Church of Agios Charalombous (Ιερός Ναός Αγίου Χαραλάμπους), or Church of Agios Vasilis (Ξωκκλήσι Άγιος Βασίλης).

Aperi best sights and attractions church

Sights of the area

Aperi is a mountain village in Karpathos island, so it doesn’t have a beach or direct sea exit. The nearest beach is the beautiful Achata beach (Paralia Achata) 6 kilometers away, which can be accessed with a few minutes driving.

The area offers some other interesting villages in the mountains, which are definitely worth a visit. Volada (Βωλάδα), Othos (Όθος) and Pyles (Πύλες) villages are also listed among the most beautiful settlements in Karpathos, so after when you visit Aperi, don’t forget to discover these mountain villages.

What to see in Aperi village

Why visit Aperi?

Aperi is one of the most picturesque mountain village in Karpathos island, with great panoramic views and charming streets. There are some hiking trails in the area, interesting churches and chapels, and of course calm atmospheres.

Aperi Karpathos

Where to stay

If you prefer mountain atmospheres, just take a look to the local accommodations.

Aperi View

Aperi View Apartment

Apartment up to 2-3 guests

Annika’s Family House

Annikas Family House in Aperi

One bedroom and three bedroom apartments
Up to 2-8 guests

For other apartments, studios and hotels all over in Karpathos island, just click here.

Sights and attractions in Aperi Karpathos, stone bridge

Aperi additional info

  • Location: 9 kilometers to Pigadia
  • Coordinates: 35.549874, 27.169915
  • Can be accessed via asphalt road
  • Capital of Karpathos from 1700 to 1892
  • Population: 353 (census 2011)
  • Nearest beaches: Achata beach

Aperi Απέρι 857 00 Karpathos Greece

What to see in Aperi
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