Karpathos fuel station, petrol station

Fuel stations in Karpathos

The fuel stations are very important in everyday life of Karpathos island, and also for tourists who rent a car, motorbicycle or quad to discover the highlights.

One of the most important things about petrol stations of Karpathos is their location, because this Greek island has just a few places where you can refuel.

Where are fuel stations in Karpathos?

Most of the fuel stations in Karpathos island are located in the area of Pigadia. Karpathos is a quite small island, which has only a few petrols stations, and almost all of these were built in the outskirts of Pigadia.

  • Petrol station can be find directly next to main road between Pigadia and Aperi, after you have leaved Vrontis beach in the north from Pigadia
  • Two fuel stations are located on the southern side of Pigadia, about 2 kilometers away from the town center, in the direction of Amoopi
  • In recent years a new petrol station was constructed between Menetes village and Arkasa.

These fuel stations above can be accessed easy, because the facilities are located directly next to the roads, signed with markers and with fuel company logos of Elin, EKO and Argo. The petrol stations in Karpathos offer petrol (unleaded 95) and diesel fuel both for cars, motorbicycles and quads, and also sell lubricants and some basic car parts.

Petrol stations, fuel stations of Karpathos island

Be aware: after you have leaved the last fuel stations which can be find between Aperi and Pigadia, there are no petrol stations in the north! Always check actual fuel level of your vehicle before you drive through the island, because in the north side of Karpathos there are no any petrol stations.

Karpathos fuel station (petrol station) coordinates:

  • Petrol station between Pigadia and Aperi
    Coordinates: 35.533198, 27.189612
Karpathos, Pigadia petrol station (fuel station)
  • Petrol station between Pigada and Amoopi
    Coordinates: 35.502864, 27.210989
Petrol station in Pigadia, Karpathos
  • Petrol station between Pigadia and Arkasa
    Coordinates: 35.471806, 27.132085
Karpathos fuel station

The nearest petrol stations in the area of Karpathos Airport is the Elin station in the direction of Arkasa about 8 kilometers away and the station between Amoopi and Pigadia about 10 kilometers away.

Fuel prices in Karpathos

The fuel prices in Greece are usually higher than in several other countries of Europe. It’s worth to know that the fuel prices in Karpathos are even usually higher than in the mainland of Greece or in larger Greek islands, such as on Rhodes or Crete: if you would like to rent a car or scooter in Karpathos, you will notice.

The reason of the higher prices is the extra transportation, because the fuel is carried on ferries to Karpathos island from other parts of the country.

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