Eparchio Karpathos Pigadia Town Hall District building

Pigadia Town Hall (Eparchio)

The Town Hall, or known as Eparchio Karpathou (Επαρχείο Καρπάθου) is one of the most important building in Pigadia, Karpathos island. When you discover Pigadia, the capital of Karpathos, you will surely meet with a big, characteristic building on the seaside, between the main port and the small marina.

Eparchio Karpathos, Pigadia town hall

About Eparchio (Pigadia Town Hall)

The building of Eparchio (Eparchio Karpathou, Επαρχείο Καρπάθου in Greek) or Pigadia Town Hall is used as a municipal building. It’s an important building in Karpathos, because the Eparchio was built in the period between 1926 – 1936, when Karpathos island were under control of Italians, and it is a historical monument today.

Eparchio, Karpathos town hall in Pigadia

It was built in a typical Italian style of the era, with robustious walls and several arcs.

Eparchio Karpathos district hall in Pigadia

It’s not just one building, it’s a building complex which consists a high main building with 4 floors and two smaller wings with 2 floors. The three parts of the building are connected to each other by open terraces, which offer some shade if you are on sightseeing in Pigadia.

Eparchio Karpathos, Pigadia sights

The highest level of the main building also operates as a clock tower. The interesting building of Pigadia Town Hall (Eparchio) is not just a simple sight of the capital, because in the west wing you can find the Archeological Museum of Karpathos. This small museum is dedicated to ancient eras, and introduces for visitors some important archeological findings of the ancient Potideon.

Karpathos town hall, Eparchio Karpathou

In front of the Town Hall (Eparchio Karpathou Επαρχείο Καρπάθου) a small square was built, known as Alexandros Papagos Square. The square is a gathering place for the children of Pigadia, where they usually play with each other in the afternoons.

Eparchio Alexandros Papagos square in Pigadia
Pigadia Town Hall, Eparchio Karpathos
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