The bay on the west side of Kato Lefkos is a beautiful coloured secluded beach, which is situated just a few minutes walk from the village center. The west beach of Lefkos is located between Lefkos beach (Παραλία Λευκός) and the north beach of the village which is known as Frangolimiona beach (Παραλία Φραγκολιμιώνα).

Lefkos west beach

For its fastest access just walk through the parking lot of Kato Lefkos, because this gem is about 100 meters away from there, and trails lead there. As you will see, the west beach of Lefkos is a small bay, which is surrounded on its both sides by small sandstone peninsulas.

Lefkos west bay

This beach is the much less organized among Lefkos beaches, because usually there can be find just a few parasols and sunbeds for rent, and that’s all. But the fans of this beach that’s exactly what they like, its almost untouched area with calm atmospheres, far from the crowds.

Lefkos west beach in Karpathos

This beach is not as sandy as the main beach of Lefkos, mostly it is characterized by coarse sand, where the seabed is filled with pebbles and rocks. When the sun shined these features make fantastic colours to the sea, with every shades of emerald and turquise.

Kato Lefkos west beach

Its western orientation makes the beach a little bit vulnerable to the winds and waves, but there are windless and calm days also. The turquoise and emerald waters with its interesting rocky seabed make Lefkos west beach suitable for for snorkel, which is the best activity when the sea surface is calm.

West beach of Kato Lefkos, Karpathos island

Near the coast there are some slippery rocks, which you should take care.

Lefkos west beach one of the best beaches in Karpathos

This beach is one of the most quiet places in Lefkos, so it is ideal to relax and enjoy the hot Greek sun. The nearest beach bars and restaurants of the area (Lyra and friends, Ammos Restaurant, Dramountana tavern) are situated within 2 minutes walk, there are no long distances here.

Kato Lefkos west beach

Lefkos west beach is surrounded on its two sides width small sandstone peninsulas, where you can climb up. From these peninsulas the panoramic views to this beach, to Kato Lefkos village, and to the mountains of Karpathos island are breathtaking, one of our favourite photo spots. Be careful if you would climb these, the rocks can be sharp and very hot, so always wear a sandal or shoe.

Lefkos west beach view to Kali Limni in Karpathos

Apartments, hotels in Lefkos village, Karpathos

If you are looking for an accommodation in Lefkos, just click here for photos and reviews of the apartments, studios and hotels in Lefkos, and find your favourite place.(don’t worry, links open in new window).

Lefkos beach on the west

Lefkos west beach (Middle bay of Kato Lefkos) additional info

Behind Lefkos west beach (middle bay)
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